How to Hang Stockings on a Fireplace

Learn how to hang stockings on a fireplace safely and securely to add a festive touch to your Christmas mantel.

stockings hung on mantle over fireplace
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You know it's Christmastime once the stockings have been hung with care. Whether they're traditional needlepoint with names stitched in gold or feature whimsical holiday characters you've loved since childhood, stockings complete the look of a festive mantel. And while they serve a practical purpose—to hold all your favorite stuffers, of course!—it's important to use the right tools and accessories to hang them properly.

Hanging stockings on your fireplace safely and securely prevents them from falling and protects your mantel and floors from any potential damage. Keep reading to learn about four different ways to hang stockings on a fireplace, including weighted decorative stocking hangers and sleek mantel clips, for the ultimate Christmas cheer.

stocking hanging on a fireplace

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1. Weighted Stocking Hanger

Weighted stocking hangers come in various shapes, materials, and designs. They typically feature a weighted square or rectangular base, a decorative accent such as a tree or a monogram, and a hook suspended from the base from which to hang your stocking. This type of hanger sits on top of the mantel. It usually features a felt or velvet lining on the bottom to avoid scratching or damaging the surface. It also serves double duty since it holds stockings and adds decoration to your fireplace when nestled between an evergreen garland or placed next to a pair of festive candlesticks.

While most weighted stocking hangers can hold around three pounds of goodies, check the weight limitations on your stocking hangers to prevent any damage or accidents. Weave strands of twinkle lights around the hangers to seamlessly integrate them into your mantel decor.

2. Mantel Clip Stocking Holder

If you want a sleek way to hang stockings on your fireplace, mantel clips are an excellent option. They are constructed from sturdy metal and come in various colors, including gold and silver, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze. To attach the clip to your fireplace, slide it onto your mantel slowly and carefully to prevent any scratching. Most stocking clips are adjustable to fit a range of mantel thicknesses. Some have a smooth, shiny finish, while others feature embossed designs. It might seem like the thin metal clip can't possibly hold much weight, but many can hold as much as 10 pounds. Now that's a well-stuffed stocking!

3. Self-Adhesive Hooks

Clear self-adhesive hooks are one of the most useful and versatile hanging tools, and they are a great way to hang stockings on a fireplace. However, of the various options, self-adhesive hooks can handle the least amount of weight, so keep that in mind when choosing how to hang your stockings. If you're hanging them purely for decorative display and you plan to take them off the mantel once filled with gifts and treats, then self-adhesive hooks will work well. They are available in multiple colors, such as clear, white, and gold, and they're designed to come off easily and leave no residue once removed at the end of the holiday season.

To use self-adhesive hooks, first, select the amount you'll need, then arrange them on your mantel (without taking the backing off) to visualize where to hang your stockings. Go traditional by evenly spacing them out along the length of the fireplace, or create a more modern, asymmetrical Christmas mantel with all the stockings hung on one side. Once you're happy with the placement, take the backing off one of the hooks, and stick it as close to the edge of the mantel as possible, with the hook end closest to the edge to make hanging easy. Repeat for the remaining hooks.

4. Stocking Holder Rod

A stocking holder rod is secured to a mantel using two clips, but instead of the stockings hanging off each clip individually, the mantel clips hold a metal rod from which you can hang multiple Christmas stockings. It's a unique hanging option that incorporates an additional decorative layer to your holiday fireplace. Stocking rods are available in various colors and styles, including matte black that's beautifully suited for a modern farmhouse look and more traditional bronze with ornamental finials perfect for a classic Christmas. Some versions are extendable, giving you more flexibility when it comes to the size of your fireplace and number of stockings that it can accommodate. Create a fuller display by hanging ornaments at varying heights from the rod in addition to stockings, using ribbon, thin rope, or fishing line.

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