How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

You'll be a laundry pro in no time with these methods for folding fitted sheets.

Project Overview
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Fresh sheets feel amazing (especially the soft feel of these Better Homes & Garden 4-Piece 300 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Bed Sheet Set, $45, Walmart), but there's always one thing that just won't fold right: your fitted sheet. After several furious attempts to figure this puzzle out, it's understandable to give in and roll it into a wrinkled ball to store in the linen closet. However, thanks to this helpful tutorial, you don't have to struggle anymore! We'll show you fold a fitted sheet, plus show you how to store linens in a neat and tidy folded package.

What You'll Need


  • Sheet set


bedding stored in a pillowcase

Carson Downing

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

  1. Lay the Sheet Flat

    Begin by laying the sheet flat, with the corners facing in and the elastic edge facing up.

  2. Pick Up Corners

    Slip your hands into the back of the sheet's long side corners, then shake out the sheet. Move each hand down the short edge until you reach the next corner. Pick that corner up and tuck it in the other two corners you worked with before, so all corners are over one hand. Make sure all the corner seams are fully inside each other.

  3. Create a Rectangle

    Shake the sheet out. Move your right hand over your left hand so that all the corners are on your left hand. You will be left with two straight edges. Lay the sheet on a flat surface with the elastic facing up. Smooth into a rectangle.

  4. Fold in Thirds

    Finish by folding the sheet in thirds lengthwise. Repeat this process width-wise, again folding the sheet in thirds. You should now have a fitted sheet folded into a tidy square.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Standing Up

  1. Grab Corners and Turn Inside-Out

    Be sure to locate all four corners and make sure the inside of the sheet is facing you. With your hands on the two top corners of the long side, flip the sheet inside out. The elastic should now be facing away from your body.

  2. Switch Hands and Bring Together

    Switch your hands so that the inside elastic is facing you again, and put both hands back inside the top corners. Bring both hands together like you’re clapping and smoothly run the top right corner over the left hand. This will momentarily free up your right hand.

  3. Reach for Left Corner

    Drape both top corners over your right arm, then slide your left hand down to the bottom left corner. This will create what looks like a U shape.

  4. Finish Folding Fitted Sheet

    Lay the sheet down flat on an available surface. From the top, fold the length of the sheet down, about two times. From there, from either side of the sheet, fold it about three times horizontally. Smooth it out for a nice, neat square.

How to Fold a Sheet Set into a Tidy Package

  1. Fold Top Sheet

    Fold the top sheet in half a few times both lengthwise and widthwise until it's slightly larger than the folded fitted sheet. Stack the top sheet on top of the fitted sheet.

  2. Fold Pillowcase

    Fold the first pillowcase in half lengthwise, then in half widthwise, twice. Stack on top of the folded sheets.

  3. Fold Into Pretty Package

    Fold the second pillowcase in thirds, lengthwise. Grab the entire stack of sheets and pillowcases, and place it in the center of the folded pillowcase. Wrap the ends of the case across the sheets and tuck them in to create a set.

How to Create a “Bed in a Bag”

This is an alternative method to the instructions above. It keeps all pieces of a sheet set together for easy storage. This makes it easy to make a bed for last-minute guests.

  1. Fold Sheets

    If they’re not already in place, locate the fitted and flat sheet along with all pillowcases to make a full set. Using one of the above methods, fold the fitted sheet as compactly as you can. Do the same with the flat sheet. Fold all but one pillowcase from the set. They only need to be folded in half so that they lay as flat as possible.

  2. Combine Sheet Set

    Place the pillowcases on top of both sheets in a neat pile. Then, slide the sheets inside the remaining pillowcase, horizontally. Think of it like packing a mailer.

  3. Keep It Organized

    The “bed in a bag” method works best when stored vertically on a surface. If you have multiple sets of sheets, stack them on top of each other on a shelf in the linen closet. To keep it organized, position the opening of the pillowcase toward the back of the closet. You can store them in a basket as well, which can help sort different-sized sheet sets.

Additional Tips for Folding Fitted Sheets

Fold After Washing

As tempting as it might be to procrastinate, folding sheets as soon as they come out of the dryer is recommended. Tackling one of these methods for folding fitted sheets while they’re warm reduces the number of wrinkles and makes them easier to handle. If you let them sit for too long, try using a steamer or smoothing them with an iron before folding them.

Find a Flat Surface

No matter which method for folding fitted sheets you choose, you’ll need a flat surface to finish the process. Be sure to have a table or tidy bed to get it done.

Use the Buddy System

Don’t be afraid to ask for help to get the job done. Not everyone's arms can reach all corners easily, so employing a second set of hands can help. Have a partner stand opposite of you and mirror your method until the fitted sheet is small enough for one person to take over.

Place Sheets in a Basket

If you’ve been practicing, but folding is just not your forte, consider adding your so-so folded sheets into a basket in the linen closet or on the top shelf of your closet. This will reduce visual clutter while keeping items organized. Add labels to the front to differentiate a variety of sheet sets. Avoid using wicker, rattan, or metal baskets in case the material snags on your linens.

Remember, folding sheets isn’t just a good idea for aesthetic purposes. True, it helps reduce wrinkles when you make the bed and keeps the linen closet looking neater. But using one of these methods also saves a ton of space. If you’re working with a small home, nicely folded sheets will free up space for additional storage.

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