Maximize suitcase space and conquer carry-on clutter with our clever packing hacks. These must-know tricks will save you time and make packing a breeze.

Say goodbye to the days of sitting on your suitcase and struggling to get the zipper to close. These genius packing hacks are here to save you time and suitcase space—all while protecting your belongings from unpredictable flight mishaps. Plus, each hack is easy on the budget, making use of items you already own—like contact cases, shower caps, and tape.

Repurpose a Contact Case


Fill a clean contact case with foundation, moisturizer, or other liquid cosmetics. It's the perfect amount for short trips.

Corral Dirty Shoes


Don't want your dirty shoes to touch your clean clothes? Use a shower cap to cover shoes and collect any dirt they might drop.

Protect Jewelry


Keep necklaces and bracelets from tangling by threading them through straws. You can also pin earrings through button holes.

Prevent Spills


Prevent spills in your travel bags by securing bottle lids with tape. Or, put plastic wrap over lotion bottle tops and screw on the cap. Either way, nothing inside the bottle will escape during travel.

Maintain Form


Need to maintain the form of your shirt collar and find a home for your belt? Do both by threading the belt through the collar.

Roll, Don't Fold


Save space in your luggage by rolling instead of folding. Banding rolled shirts together will ensure they stay put throughout the trip. Double-down on suitcase space by rolling up socks and stuffing them into shoes. 

Keep Cool


If you use your hairstyling tools last-minute before you pack, you can still bring them along by placing them in an oven mitt or wrapping them in a hot pad. They'll cool in the pad without harming other packed goods, and the metal won't be scratched by zippers or buckles.

Stop Tangling in its Tracks


An empty sunglasses case is the perfect home for small cords like earbuds and phone chargers. Stick them in there to keep them from getting tangled with your clothes and toiletries.

Get Fresh


For fresh smelling clothes, add a dryer sheet to your suitcase. It will absorb the dirty shoe smell and keep your clothing static-free! Just be sure to place in a zipped compartment or inside shoes to prevent oil stains on clothing.

Bonus: Backup Your Plans


When travelling—especially to foreign countries—scan and email yourself images of your ID, passport and itinerary. These will come in handy in case you lose your belongings.


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