10 GENIUS Laundry Hacks You Have to See

Less time doing laundry and more timing doing, well, anything else: that's the goal of these mind-blowing laundry hacks from the YouTubers at WhatsUpMoms.

Make laundry a little less tedious with help from the YouTubers at WhatsUpMoms. Read on for their best hacks you didn't even know you needed.

1. Eliminate Creases with a Pool Noodle

Sick of those unsightly lines caused by your drying rack? Here's a hack that's easy and affordable. Take a basic pool noodle, make a cut along one side, and slide it onto your rack. Bye-bye, creases!

2. Use Aluminum Foil If You're Out of Dryer Sheets

So you've finished washing your clothes, but you're fresh out of dryer sheets. Now what? Look to your kitchen cabinets. Aluminum foil can be bundled up and used as a dryer sheet for up to six months. 

3. Use a Dry-Erase Marker to Remember Items

Preserve delicate items with a friendly reminder. Use a dry-erase marker directly on your washing machine to make a list of clothing that needs to be removed for air-drying. Simply wipe away when finished.

4. Place Soap in Dispensers for Mess-Free Storage

Keep laundry detergent safely out of reach from children while keeping your laundry room mess-free by mounting soap dispensers that can be easily refilled.

5. Hang an Ironing Board with Hooks

Two wall hooks provide convenient storage for an ironing board.

6. Use a Mesh Bag to Organize Socks

Never misplace your sock's mate again. Hang a mesh bag on your laundry hamper with clothespins and fill with socks. Throw the entire bag into the wash and your pairing is practically complete.

7. Add a Towel to Dry Clothes Faster

Speed up drying time by throwing a dry towel into a load of wet clothes for the first 15 minutes of the drying cycle.

8. Try Toy Cars for a Hamper that Rolls

Moms, this one's for you. Put to use spare toy cars by hot-gluing them to the bottom of a hamper. Free rolling storage, at your service!

9. Install a Towel Bar for Additional Hanging Space

A towel bar makes use of spare wall space for hanging wet clothes.

10. Make Folding Simple with Cardboard

Get little helpers involved in folding by creating a cardboard template.

Can't Get Enough?

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