The BEST 5 Ironing Hacks to Try

Make ironing less of a chore with these simple tricks for crisp, clean clothing.

Make ironing less of a chore with these simple tricks for crisp, clean clothing.

Unfortunately, ironing is one chore you can't ignore. To make it a little less daunting, we asked cleaning expert Donna Smallin Kuper to provide her favorite ironing hacks. We love that these ideas make ironing easier and less stressful. Try her tips yourself, and see if you notice a change! Who knows? You may even enjoy it.

TV Time

Make ironing less of a chore by distracting yourself with the latest episode of your favorite soap opera. Luckily, ironing is a pretty mindless task, so focusing your attention at the TV shouldn't be an issue. Just be sure to keep the iron moving to avoid burns!

Quality Matters

When it comes to household products, a quality iron isn't something you should skimp out on. We recommend buying an iron with continuous steam. The consistency will make your job go much more smoothly.

Be Patient

Did you know that your freshly-pressed shirt isn't ready to wear as soon as you turn off the iron? Allow your clothes to sit for at least five minutes before putting them on. If you skip the wait, the wrinkles may come back.

Crisp Cuffs

If you're having trouble with cuffs that just won't lie flat, here's a helpful hint: Iron the inside of the cuff first, then the outside.

Silver Shield

Navigating button-down shirts with an iron can get tricky, but we've got you—and your buttons—covered with this genius hack. Use a spoon as a shield over the buttons when ironing your favorite work shirt. No more broken buttons!


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