Stain Removal

Want to make laundry day easier? Take the guesswork out of stain removal and keep clothes bright, fresh, and clean with our quick, at-home stain-removal remedies. From the ball field to the boardroom -- and everywhere between -- stains are bound to happen.

How to Remove Coffee Stains

Don't let that coffee spill leave a lingering stain on your clothes. Here's the trick to removing a coffee stain for good, using products you likely already have in your laundry room or cleaning closet.
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How to Treat Tablecloth Stains

Spills at the table are inevitable. Permanent stains on your tablecloth need not be. These great stain-busting tips will help you deal with the spatters left behind after a meal.
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Stain Removal Products

Keep stains out of your clothes by stocking these helpful stain-removing products in your laundry area.
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Removing Stains from Fabrics

Learn how to get stains out of machine-washable fabrics and nonwashable fabrics with our simple tips.
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What Not to Do When Treating Stains (And What to Do Instead)

Stop! Put down the spray bottle. Before you treat another stain, discover the eight ways you could be making matters worse -- plus the right ways to make them better.
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