The Secret to Perfectly Folded Sheets

Learn the fastest, easiest way to fold a fitted sheet as well as create a tidy sheet set with these helpful tips. You'll be a folding pro in no time!

Laundry day is a chore, but it can also feel good. Some may even call it therapeutic. But there's always one thing that just won't fold right: your fitted sheet.

After several furious attempts to figure this puzzle out, we normally give in and roll it into a wrinkled ball to store in the linen closet. However, thanks to this helpful tutorial, we don't have to struggle anymore! We'll walk you through the steps to fold a fitted sheet, plus show you how to store linens in a neat and tidy folded package.

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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Step 1: Lay the Sheet Flat


Begin by laying the sheet flat, with the corners facing in and the elastic edge facing up.

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Step 2: Pick Up Corners


Slip your hands into the back of the sheet's long side corners, then shake out the sheet. Move each hand down the short edge until you reach the next corner. Pick that corner up and tuck it in the other two corners you worked with before, so all corners are over one hand. Make sure all the corner seams are fully inside of each other.

Step 3: Create a Rectangle


Shake the sheet out. Move your right hand over your left hand so that all the corners are on your left hand. You will be left with two straight edges. Lay the sheet on a flat surface with the elastic facing up. Smooth into a rectangle.

Step 4: Fold in Thirds


Finish by folding the sheet in thirds lengthwise. Repeat, folding the sheet in thirds width-wise. You'll end with a fitted sheet folded into a tidy square.

How to Fold Sheets into a Tidy Package

Step 1: Fold Top Sheet


Fold top sheet in half a few times both lengthwise and widthwise until it's slightly larger than the folded fitted sheet. Stack top sheet on top of fitted sheet.

Step 2: Fold Pillowcase

Fold first pillowcase in half lengthwise, then in half widthwise, twice. Stack on top of the folded sheets.

Step 3: Stack Into Pretty Package


Fold the second pillowcase in thirds lengthwise. Grab the entire stack of sheets and pillowcases, and place it in the center of the folded pillowcase. Wrap the ends of the case across the sheets and tuck in to create a set.

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