We found the best way to de-pill those pesky balls of lint from everything in your home!

Nothing can ruin your day like pulling your favorite sweater out of the dryer only to find the fabric covered in little balls of lint. Pilling, as we call it, can occur to almost any fabric from clothes to rugs and even furniture. After spending a significant amount of money on these items, finding pills is extremely irritating. But, before you throw that soft sweater away, know that there are quick fixes you can do to repair your belongings! Here are our favorite depilling hacks from people just like you:

1. Disposable Razors for Your Favorite Sweaters

Cotton and Curls

When depilling your clothes, you want to be careful. Carpet and rug shavers can be too intense on soft fabrics, so for cashmeres and soft sweaters, use a disposable razor! If it's easy enough on your skin, it's easy enough on your clothes.

2. Men's Hair Clippers for Rugs

A Little of This, A Little of That

While razors work well on clothes, larger area rugs may need something a little more powerful. This is where men's hair clippers come in handy. The secret here is to skim the rug, don't push down, to lift the pills from the surface.

3. Rub It Off With a Pumice Stone


Here's something you never thought you'd use on your clothes--a pumice stone. Rub the rough stone all over the pills to loosen them from the fabric. Then use a lint roller to sweep them away. Just be sure to clean your pumice stone before you start!

4. Smooth Away Imperfections with Sandpaper

Apartment Therapy

Once we heard about this hack, we wondered why we didn't think of it ourselves! This smart blogger is using sandpaper to gently rub away stubborn pills from clothes, furniture, and more. Don't worry; she assures that it won't rub holes into delicate fabrics.

5. Wipe Away Lint Balls With Scrubbing Sponges

The Kitchn

Everything you need to depill your fabrics is right in your kitchen. Use a clean scrubbing sponge to easily wipe away any balls of lint collected on a shirt, pillow, or blanket. Just be sure to use the tough side!


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