This Little-Known Secret is the Best Way to Keep Your Home Clean Longer

More is less when it comes to cleaning your home.

You aren't alone in putting off all your household chores until Sunday. Scrubbing and shining during the week just seem like too much work when all we want to do is curl up with our family. But, those five minutes you spent on the couch could have cost you an hour at the end of the week! As it turns out, the secret to cleaning less is to actually clean more. No, we're not crazy. Learn more about our quick cleaning tactics below:

Think Fast

The first step to cleaning less is to tackle spills the moment they occur. Letting countertop splatters build up until Sunday is a big no-no. The greasy stains will only be tougher to remove! This rule also goes for bathroom countertops and stove tops.

Selective Scrubbing

Spot cleaning is your new best friend. Many homeowners believe they need to scrub down everything on cleaning day. That simply isn't true. When cleaning doors, for example, spot cleaning around the handles and locks is all you need to keep your home tidy.

Take Precautionary Measures

Actively preventing messes from occurring is a simple, but powerful step in cleaning less. Use door mats on both sides of your entryway to stop dirt tracks before they reach your white carpet. In the kitchen, place a paper towel over microwaved food to prevent saucy splatters.

All these tips take such little effort, but add up big time on cleaning day. To learn more about our fabulous cleaning hacks, check out the video below:


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