This is the Best Way to Keep Your Coffee Machine Running Like New

This four-step process is the best way to unclog, descale, and give your coffee maker the deep clean it really deserves.
Melissa Maker -- Clean My Space

Coffee lovers mean business, and there is nothing that can get in the way of their morning cup of joe. Well, except their personal brewer breaking unexpectedly. On those days, they're lucky to even make it out of the house! If this sounds like you, it's time to take charge of your coffee machine and make sure it's reliable every morning. We found these helpful tips from Melissa Maker at Clean My Space that demonstrate the importance of cleaning and maintaining your personal coffee machine. These tips are so easy to follow and pay off in the long run. For a clogged coffee machine, check out these instructions below:

Melissa Maker -- Clean My Space

Before you begin to unclog or descale your coffee machine, you should give the exterior and interior a good scrubbing. Melissa's video further explains the best practices to do so.

Melissa Maker -- Clean My Space

Once your coffee brewer is cleaned, pour white vinegar into the reservoir where the water usually goes.

Melissa Maker -- Clean My Space

Without any coffee pods in the machine, run several cycles until the vinegar is completely gone. This will tackle any clogs or buildup in the machine.

Melissa Maker -- Clean My Space

Finally, fill up the machine with water and run through several complete cycles to rid the interior of any excess vinegar.

After you complete all these steps, your personal brewer should run as good as new! Of course, to prevent future clogs from occurring, Melissa has some great tips on her blog, so be sure to check those out.


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