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By Hannah Bruneman

Who would have guessed that cleaning up dog hair could be so simple?

A common problem with dog owners is the blanket of stray hairs their dogs leave around the house—especially in the summertime when their coats are shedding.

The fur is everywhere! On your clothes, in the couch, and even in the car. But the most frustrating place to clean is the carpet, because it can't stay spotless for more than a day.

Lucky for us, YouTube user Leslie Reichert found the best way to clean your fur-coated carpet using an object you already have around the house.

A rubber glove! Genius!

Per Leslie's instructions, simple put the rubber glove on, and rub your hand up and down the carpet. Just like magic, the fur lifts up and is collected into one neat pile easy to pick up and throw away.

The secret behind the hack is that the rubber creates static that attracts the loose fur. It's like a magnet!

We are so happy we found this tip. Take a look for yourself and try it immediately!



Comments (2)

August 25, 2018
The bottom of your sneaker will do the same thing. When I’m on the phone, I’m always dragging my foot over the carpet. Makes being on hold feel like less of a time waster!
April 16, 2018
Ooooh! Great idea! Shared! Just FYI: the html tags are showing at the beginning of the article. ;)