Sunday Cleaning Habits of People with Sparkling Homes

If you clean on the weekend or just want to be prepared for the upcoming week, there are some Sunday tasks that will maximize your time spent cleaning to get your home sparkling clean. A little extra time on your Sunday afternoon or evening can set your entire week up for success.

Clear and Clean the Counters

Cluttered counters make a kitchen look messy and can feel overwhelming. Quickly clear any dishes, paper, and clutter from the counters. Gather any clutter, put it on the kitchen table and quickly sort, file, and toss or put away what you collected. Take your cleared counters to the next level by wiping them clean. Clean and clear counters will inspire you to keep them cleared off all week long.

The Secret to Keeping Mail Off the Counters

Scrub the Kitchen Sink

Once you have cleaned and cleared your kitchen counters, take it one step further by giving your sink a little scrub. Your sink will sparkle and be a welcome sight on Monday morning.

Nightly Sink Scrub

Put Out Fresh Towels

Take a minute to put out fresh towels in the kitchen and bathrooms. Clean, fresh towels to start a new week is a simple way to freshen up and make your home look and feel clean.

Load and Unload the Dishwasher

A key component to keeping counters clear is to stay ahead of dish cleaning. An empty dishwasher is the perfect way to start a successful week. Empty the dishwasher on Sunday so it is ready for evening meal and Monday morning dishes. Throughout the week, empty clean loads as soon as possible so dirty dishes can go right in rather than piling up at the sink. Using this simple trick every night will keep counters clutter-free. 

Catch Up on Laundry

I recommend doing a load of laundry every day from start to folded and put away to keep up with laundry all week long. Regardless of your laundry method, get caught up with the laundry on Sunday to keep your home feeling clean through the week.

Plan Ahead

The best way to have a sparkling home on Sunday and the rest of the week is to do a little forward thinking. Sit down with your calendar or planner and see what you need to pick up from the store or restock during the week. Take into account what's in the week ahead so there aren't any surprises.

With just a couple simple tasks on Sunday, you'll set your house up for a great week. Choose one or all of these chores and you'll have a sparkling home every Sunday.


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