14 Easy Cleaning Habits You Can Start Today for a Spotless Home

A few simple daily cleaning habits can help you manage the seemingly impossible household tasks.

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When it comes to cleaning your home, simple habits really can make a big difference. When you practice small tidying tasks every day, the job becomes much more manageable. Start with these easy cleaning habits that can help you get a spotless home with minimal time and effort.

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Wipe Down Countertops

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Take a minute to wipe down countertop surfaces at the end of the day. In the kitchen, give counters a quick wipe with a damp cloth after all the cooking and eating is done for the evening. Use a damp washcloth to wipe down the bathroom countertop right before you go to bed.

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Put Away the Day's Clothes

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Break the habit of tossing the day's clothes on the floor or another surface at night. Decide which items need laundering and place them immediately in your hamper or laundry basket. Hang using Better Homes & Gardens Velvet Clothing Hangers, $10, Walmart or fold and put away any clothing you plan to wear again before washing.

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Reset the Living Room

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Take a few minutes each day, whether first thing in the morning or at night, to reset your living room. Pick up any clutter that doesn't belong in the room and take it elsewhere, paying special attention to items on the floor or the coffee table. Fold throw blankets and fluff up pillows and sofa cushions to make the space look presentable again.

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Create a Cleaning Caddy

Cleaning supplies stored under shelf
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Stock a cleaning caddy with the essentials so you're ready to strike when messes arise. Be sure to include multi-purpose cleaners, brushes, sponges, microfiber cloths, and other frequently used cleaning supplies. When a well-edited collection of everything you need is always ready to go, there's one less obstacle between you and a clean home.

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Complete Cleaning Tasks Now

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It's much easier to do a little cleaning now than to make time for a lot later. Make it a habit to tackle cleaning duties as soon as they're needed, instead of letting chores pile up for a later time. Fresh spills and splatters are also simpler to clean up than set-in stains or stuck-on messes.

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Keep Shoes at the Door

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Drastically decrease the amount of dirt and debris tracked in daily by stopping all footwear at the door. Corral shoes with a basket or cubbies in your entryway (try this Better Homes & Gardens Farmhouse 3-Tiers Shoe Rack, $38, Walmart). Consider keeping a few extra pairs of comfy slippers on hand for guests.

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Keep the Dining Table Clear

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Have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to clutter on the dining room table. Its cleanliness defines the entire room, so don't allow papers, projects, or miscellaneous items to pile up on its surface. A clear table ensures you're always ready for the next meal or activity.

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Start a Junk Basket

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Designate a basket (a box or bag can also work) for collecting miscellaneous items during quick cleanups. Use it as an easy-to-stash catchall spot for clutter until it's full. Regularly clear out the basket and find permanent homes for the contents.

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Make Your Bed Every Morning

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It only takes a minute, but making your bed sets the tone for your room and your day. Accomplishing this small task first thing in the morning can empower you to continue that productivity throughout the day. Plus, a tidy bed will encourage you to keep the rest of your bedroom clean, too.

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Dedicate an Incoming-Papers Basket

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Create a system to manage paperwork as soon as it enters your home. Every piece of mail, document, invitation, receipt, and other paper stops here before eventually getting sorted into its rightful place. This will help keep your countertops and other flat surfaces clear while putting an end to time wasted looking for misplaced papers.

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Clean Your Toilet in Two Seconds

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Pop a denture-cleanser tablet into your toilet bowl twice weekly. Store the tablets close by for ease of access. This bathroom cleaning hack only takes a second, but it saves you much more time than scrubbing a dirty toilet bowl.

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Clear the Kitchen Sink

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Work your way to a clean and empty sink each night to set yourself up for a clean and fresh start each morning. Start cleaning up what you can while your dinner is cooking to make the job easier later. Load and start the dishwasher, then hand-wash anything leftover before you go to bed.

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Clean Shower After Every Use

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After each shower, quickly wipe down the tile or glass to keep surfaces free of water spots, mineral deposits, and soap scum, all but eliminating the need for deep cleans. For glass-door showers, use a squeegee to clear away drips that can lead to hard-water deposits later. Spray tiled or fiberglass surfaces with a daily shower cleaner to prevent buildup before it starts.

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Do Five-Minute Cleanups Nightly

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Set a timer for five minutes and clean up what you can before the time is up. Hit as many rooms as you can while focusing on small tasks, such as picking up toys or putting clothes from the floor into a hamper (like this Better Homes & Gardens Braided Seagrass Laundry Hamper, $35, Walmart), that take only a few seconds. Save larger cleaning duties for another time.

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