The Simplest New Cleaning Habits (Start Today!)

Little things really can make a big difference. Take these cleaning habits, for example: Every one is surprisingly easy to do. Stick with any of them, and these simple tasks lead to surprisingly big change.

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    Make Your Bed Every Morning

    It only takes a minute, but it sets the tone for your room and your day.

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    Create a Cleaning Caddy

    When a well-edited collection of everything you need is always ready to go, there’s one less obstacle between you and clean.

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    Dedicate an Incoming-Papers Basket

    Every last piece of paper that crosses your threshold stops here before eventually landing in its rightful place. It’ll keep your countertops and other flat surfaces clear while putting an end to time wasted looking for misplaced papers.

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    Must-Know Dusting Tricks

    Try these clever tricks and tips that make dusting a breeze.

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    Clean Your Toilet in Two Seconds

    Pop a denture-cleanser tablet into your toilet bowl twice weekly. Store the tablets close by. It only takes a second, but it saves you much more time than scrubbing a dirty toilet bowl.

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    Do It Now

    Make this your mantra. It’s much easier to do a little now than to make time for a lot later.

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    Be a Kitchen Sink Stickler

    Work your way to a clean and empty sink each night to set yourself up for a clean and fresh start each morning.

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    Must-Try Homemade Cleaners

    Go all-natural and get a squeaky-clean space with our favorite homemade cleaning solutions.

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    Keep Shoes at the Door

    You’ll drastically decrease the amount of dirt and chemicals tracked in daily. Corral them with shoe basket or cubbies by the door. Consider keeping a few extra pairs of comfy slippers on hand for guests.

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    Keep the Dining Table Clear

    Have a zero-tolerance policy. Its cleanliness defines the entire room, plus you're always ready for the next meal or activity.

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    Squeegee Your Shower After Every Use

    It only takes a minute, literally, and it keeps tile and glass free of water spots, mineral deposits, and soap scum, all but eliminating the need for deep cleans.

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    Start a Junk Bag (or Basket)

    Use it as an easy-to-stash catchall spot for clutter until it's full. Then, find permanent homes (Goodwill, perhaps?) for the contents. Repeat.

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    Do Five-Minute Cleanups Nightly

    Set the timer, then breeze through your home, doing what you can to reset it for a more stress-free start tomorrow.

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