Pet owners don't have to sacrifice a clean home with these handy cleaning products.


Here are some essential pet cleanup supplies every pet owner should have in the closet.

Must-Have Pet Cleaning Supplies

Product 1: Lint Remover Why You Need It: A clothes lint remover with a refillable sticky tape picks up pet hair with ease. Similar brushes are sold in pet stores or pet-care sections of discount stores and drugstores.

Product 2: Enzymatic Cleaner, Such as Nature's Miracle Why You Need It: Stains made by pets on floors must be neutralized to avoid repeat visits. To avoid wood or carpet damage, dampen the spots and quickly wipe away excess. Don't saturate or allow liquid to pool. Remember that animals have a better sense of smell than humans, and if they can detect a prior mess, they may try to mark over it again.

Product 3: Stiff-Bristled Brush Why You Need It: When pet hair accumulates on a rug, you can remove it by brushing the rug vigorously with a stiff clothes brush or utility brush. You should brush until dirt and hair cease to come out.

Product 4: Paper Towels and/or Old Cloth Towels Why You Need It: Blotting up liquid messes left behind by your pets.

Product 5: Spatula or Sturdy Disposable Plates Why You Need It: Scooping and scraping up as much solid matter as possible before cleaning and treating.

Product 6: Pet-Stain Remover Why You Need It: To remove pet stains from your carpet or rugs. Remember to stay safe when cleaning around your pets by using nontoxic cleaning products.

Product 7: Wet/Dry Vac Why You Need It: You can use this handy tool to dry your pet after a bath, removing pet hair from furniture, and cleaning up liquid accidents.


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