How to Use Salt to Easily Clean the Toughest Messes

Salt is one of the best non-toxic cleaning agents you have in your kitchen, and it can fight the toughest messes!
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It's time to load up on salt, but not in the kitchen. While salt is a cooking staple, it can work just as hard in other aspects of your life. Don't believe us? Just watch this video from 5-Minute Crafts about household hacks using salt. They've found means to use this everyday ingredient in ways we would have never guessed! From housework help to quicker clean-ups, salt is the ultimate tool to get the job done. Take a look at our favorite tips below:

1. Powerful Abrasive

5-Minute Crafts

Salt is coarse, which makes it especially useful as a cleansing agent. The particles work with your sponge to scrub away at stubborn stains without damaging the surface. Just see how well salt cleaned this burnt iron!

2. Sponge Saver

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A dirty sponge is the sign of a job well done...until you're left wondering how you clean your favorite scrubbing tool! Soak a grimy sponge in salt water and pop it into the microwave for one minute. After a few squeezes, your sponge will be sparkling clean and ready to tackle the next mess.

3. Spill-Free Zone

5-Minute Crafts

Is there anything ickier than an egg yolk that missed the bowl and landed on the counter? The next time this happens to you, scoop a generous amount of salt onto the spill. The salt will absorb the yolk and thicken it too, making cleanup a one-swipe job.

These salt hacks sure have proved handy to us! To see hacks 4-5, take a look at 5-Minute Crafts' video below!


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