Get a sparkling clean living room with time to spare. This is the must-have list for busy people who love to entertain.

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Cleaning under a time crunch isn't ideal, but with the right tips, anyone can pull it off. The key is knowing how to prioritize tasks. Instead of putting on some tunes and taking your time detailing every nook and cranny, it's all about proficiency. Our steps below will have your living room tidy and clean with time to spare. Your guests will never know your haste!

Step 1: Flip Couch Cushions


If your couch is looking a little deflated, it's time to give it a quick fluff. Save yourself the arm workout of shaking and beating each cushion, and instead simply flip them over. Don't forget to flip the back cushions as well. This will hide the indent in your couch from your last movie marathon as well as supply better support.

Step 2: Clear Coffee Table

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Clutter tends to collect on the central coffee table in most living rooms. Tackle this eyesore right away. Straighten current magazines and discard the old. If you have a tray, use it to collect necessities like the remote and reading glasses. Ensure coasters are set out and ready for your guests.

Step 3: Clean Mirrors

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Dusting behind the TV isn't a top priority but wiping away noticeable fingerprints is a must. Mirrors noticeably reflect the dirt and grime of your room. Give mirrored surfaces a quick wipe with antistreak cleaning spray. Don't forget any mirror-top side tables or other furnishings. A well-polished mirror reflects light and leaves your room looking sparkling.

Step 4: Dust Smarter

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For the quickest and most efficient dusting job, ditch the spray bottle and paper towels. Instead, opt for a microfiber cloth. The super-soft cloth picks up dust like a magnet and saves you time in the long run. If you're under a big time constraint, only wipe down the parts of surfaces your guests will see. Table legs and the top of the mantel are fine to save for when you have more time for details.

Step 5: Spruce It Up

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It's the little things that make a big difference. Take a minute before guests arrive to light any candles you have in your living room. Aside from their lovely smell, candles give an ambiance at any time of the day. Bundle them up in groups of three or more for a dramatic effect. If you have any fresh flowers in your bedroom or kitchen, move those to the living room as well. Small details are what make a house a home.

Step 6: Natural Light

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We always open all the blinds and draw back curtains when we're expecting guests. Letting natural light flood your space makes it feel more open and inviting. Spot-clean noticeable smudges on your windows to make the beautiful view crystal-clear. Plus, raising the blinds stops you from having to dust each slot, which is a tedious task.

Step 7: Fur Magnet

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We love our pets more than anything, but we could do without the fur. Always keep a lint roller stored in a side table by your couch. When you're watching TV or reading a book, take a minute a few times a week to give your couch a quick cleaning with the roller. This will help prevent the buildup of pet hair, which is tougher to remove once it's settled and worked into the cushions. You should do this before you have company over, as well. You want your home to leave a lasting impression on guests, but you don't want them leaving with visible pet hair all over their clothing.

Step 8: DIY Cleaners

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If you run out of cleanser and don't have time to run to the store, know that homemade cleaners are easy to prepare and as effective as their store-bought counterparts. Plus, you most likely already have all the ingredients. Check out this list of homemade cleaners to learn how to make upholstery-freshening spray, air freshener, window and glass cleaner, and more!

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July 7, 2018
Straighten rugs and Afghans and give them a quick shake, if needed, fluff pillows. Give the bathroom a quickie!
Better Homes & Gardens Member
May 15, 2018
I like it