Make your bathroom's bathtub sparkle with these smart cleaning tips.


With the right tips, cleaning your bathroom doesn't have to be a chore. We've gathered our favorite ways to scrub your bathtub faster, smarter, and better. You can save time and money when you make these small changes to your bathroom cleaning routine. Check out our top tips for cleaning a bathtub below.

Step 1: Reduce Clutter

If your bathtub ledge is filled with bottles and containers, you'll have a tough time getting everything clean. Streamline your bath products by choosing only what you need and storing the other items until needed. Fit these few must-haves in a confined corner or hang them overhead in a showerhead rack. This will also prevent your tub edges from gathering sticky residue left by dripping caps and pumps. 

Step 2: Create Your Own Cleaner

Skip the expensive store-bought cleaner and instead opt for something homemade. Mix together equal parts of vinegar and dish soap for an affordable cleaning alternative that is less harsh on your bathtub. Add a few drops of essential oil, such as lavender or tea tree, to mask the vinegar smell. The soap gets a boost from vinegar, a natural acid that works magic on mineral deposits and soap scum.

For tough stains, let the mixture set before scrubbing and rinsing. After scrubbing, rinse the bathtub with water and dry it with a cloth or towel.

Note: Some specialty tub materials may require special cleaning solutions. Be sure to use a method that's safe for your home's bathtub.

Step 3: Soak with Water

Save some time by filling your tub with an inch of warm water while you make your DIY cleaner. As you spray and scrub the sides of the tub, the cleaner will drip down into the tub basin, settling on the bottom. Drain the tub and finish by scrubbing the bottom and rinsing. For extra shine, wipe the tub clean with a rag or a towel.


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