10 Dirty Spots You Probably Aren’t Vacuuming—but Should Be

Keep dust bunnies at bay with a well-vacuumed house. Although these areas are easy to overlook, we promise their cleanliness is worth the extra time and effort.

home entryway

Although they're used every day, stairs are easily overlooked when it comes time to vacuuming. Forget the standard vacuum for this task -- it can be hard to find an outlet within reach of stairs. Instead use a lightweight cordless vacuum that can reach into even the smallest nooks and crannies.

2. Between Couch Cushions

living room

If you've ever enjoyed a bowl of popcorn on the couch, beware. Any stray kernels will probably end up covered in crumbs, hair, and dust, which all edge their way between cushions. Once a month, strip your couch and use an upholstery tool to vacuum the base and all cushions.

3. Car Trunk

family car

We keep our car seats fairly kempt, but when was the last time you thought to clean out your vehicle's trunk? Suck up pet hair, dirt, leaves, and any other debris with a hand-held vacuum. Consider heading to a local gas station vacuum if your situation needs a little more suction.

4. Doormats

welcome mat

Doormats do a lot of dirty work -- like collecting unwanted debris and halting mud at the door -- so they too deserve a little TLC. Start by lifting the mat up on both ends, carrying it into your yard, and shaking it out. Next, vacuum the mat and its surrounding floor space before returning.

5. Window Treatments

bedroom window treatments

Curtains and blinds do their best to block light, but they're also notorious for collecting dust. Luckily, they can both be easily cleaned with the same vacuum brush attachment. For blinds, gently sweep horizontally across each slat. For curtains, pull the fabric taut and vacuum up and down.

6. Pet Bed

entry, Fake an Entryway, dog gear, green rug

Fido's favorite hangout is a literal hotbed of pet hair and dandruff. Keep it clean by vacuuming inside and out, then use a lint brush to pick up any remaining filth. Also consider washing the bed every few months. Many have a removable liner you can toss into your washing machine.

7. Closet Floors

closet storage

No one wants dust bunnies hopping inside their favorite pair of stilettos. Remove all storage from your closet floor, then vacuum the floor and a little way up the wall. Before restocking your closet, check that no stray dust bunnies are stuck to your bins or boxes.

8. Mattress


Next time you flip your mattress, do double-duty cleaning by vacuuming it, too. Use a handheld vacuum or upholstery attachment to gently pick up stray hairs and dust mites.

9. Lampshades

wall art

A dusty lampshade is more than dirty; it can also prevent proper light filtration and, in extreme cases, become a fire hazard. Remove a lampshade from its base, then use a hose attachment to sweep up and down the inside and outside of the lampshade.

10. Ceiling Fan

Decorating Gallery

Think about it -- if there's any kind of dust or dirt atop your ceiling fan, as soon as you turn it on that filth is sent flying through the room. Stay on top of the problem by using a ceiling fan attachment or dusting brush to vacuum the blades.

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