Because you needed more uses for this typical laundry day item.

dryer with pillows and laundry basket

Dryer sheets are a lifesaver on laundry day for keeping our clothes static free and smelling fresh. But did you know that you can use these handy sheets in other places around your home too? They work great for cleaning and odor busting! These hacks are so simple and can save you the expensive cost of store-bought air fresheners. Give them a try!

1. Car Air Freshener

From dirty gym bags to smelly fast food remnants, your car is a breeding ground for unusual odors. However, don't fall for the pricey odor neutralizers at the store. You can easily make your own using a plastic container, a straw, and dryer sheets!

Just take a small plastic container and cut several slots in the lid, then insert a straw or toothpick so air can circulate through. Place 5-10 dryer sheets in the container, and you're all set. Replace them every few weeks for maximum freshness. The rest of your family will definitely take notice the next time they pile in the car.

2. Suitcase Freshness Solution

You need to add dryer sheets to your next vacation packing checklist. These are brilliant for a few days into the trip when your dirty clothes are packed next to your clean ones or your suitcase is sitting in a hot cargo hold. Place one dryer sheet on the bottom of your bag and one in the top. The sheets will release a burst of freshness wherever your vacation plans take you!

3. Odor Eliminating Trash Can Liner

You will probably never think your trash can smell good, but this hack could help. To eliminate harsh odors from infecting your kitchen, drop a dryer sheet in the trash bin before you put in the liner. For extra protection, you can also put a dryer sheet in the bottom of a trash bag.

4. Room Fragrance Fan Fresheners

This is an old trick from the college days. To circulate that fresh linen scent throughout a room, attach dryer sheets to a fan using paper clips. When the wind starts blowing, so will the fragrance!

5. Dryer Sheets = The New Dust Buster

We bet you've never thought to use a dryer sheet as a cleaning agent! In a hard-to-reach corner, use a dryer sheet to pick up the micro dust particles paper towels and feather dusters leave behind. This also works well for picking up spills of powdery cooking or cleaning products. Genius!

6. Bathroom Air Freshener Solution

It doesn't hurt to have some sort of air freshener in the bathroom, and this dryer sheet hack is the perfect solution. Wrap your toilet paper holder tightly with a few dryer sheets and place the roll over the bunch. Each time someone tugs on the toilet paper roll, the scented sheets will be activated.

7. Fresh Scented Linen Closet

This hack is perfect for guest linens that sit in the closet for long periods of time. To prevent towels and sheets from losing their freshness, place dryer sheets beneath each stack. Your guests will think you just washed them! This also works great for a closet of winter coats that won't see use until next season.

8. Shoe Smell Banisher

Does your exercise routine have your stuff, well, a little stinky? Stick a few dryer sheets in your duffel bag and smelly shoes to freshen things up, then change out the sheets the next time you wear them to keep odors at bay.

9. Purse Fluffer

Dryer sheets can help your bags keep their shape. Just ball up some sheets (this is the perfect way to reuse them after you've done your laundry!) and stuff them in any purses sitting in your closet. They'll look good as new the next time you want to use them, and the nice smell is a bonus.

10. Tame Static-y Hair

Yes, those hardworking dryer sheets can even serve as a beauty product! Tame flyaways with a dryer sheet stuck onto a hairbrush. A few sweeps of the brush will make your hair lie flat and keep it looking smooth on dry winter days.


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