Cleaning Unusual Chair Materials

Our step-by-step instructions show you how to clean usual chair material.

Your Chair-Cleaning Guide

Cleaning furniture isn't easy, especially when it comes to chairs made from special materials. We've compiled step-by-step instructions for cleaning some of the trickiest chair materials -- from bamboo to rattan.

Cleaning Wicker Chairs

1. Vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

2. Wash with a brush dipped in soapy water or spray with a garden hose.

3. Dry in a shaded, breezy area.

Cleaning Bamboo Chairs

1. Wipe gently with a slightly damp, soft, clean cloth.

2. Tack or glue loose corners.

3. Have tears professionally repaired by a furniture restorer.

4. Inspect annually for damage.


1. Spray a glass cleaner onto a soft lint-free towel and rub gently.

2. Check for tiny rust spots.

3. Treat spots with a metal polish formulated for chrome.


1. Vacuum with a soft brush attachment, or gently brush with a soft, wide brush.

2. Don't wet or dampen.

3. Spot-clean spills with a clean damp cloth.


1. Gently scrub this tropical material or douse it with the garden hose.

2. Let it dry in a sheltered area away from direct sun.

3. Rub with a clean cloth.

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