Creative Ways to Store Cleaning Supplies

Storage smart garages

Whether your home needs a quick touch-up or a deep clean, it's important to keep cleaning supplies on hand at all times. Use these creative storage ideas to keep clutter-prone cleaning supplies neat and tidy.

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See It, Clean It


Need a recipe for easy, grab-and-go cleaning? Make the most of awkward under-sink space with portable, easy-to-access storage. Use the upper basket in a stacking wire rack as a caddy for cleaners, and sort rags and sponges inside acrylic shoe boxes. The storage units can move with you around the house as you clean, and then tuck neatly back together when you're done.

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Top-Down Organization

Top-Down Organization

Stock a kitchen pullout drawer based on the supplies you'll need most while cleaning. Position often-used towels, scrubbers, and cleaning agents on higher shelves for easy access. Stash seldom-used items lower to keep them within reach but out of the way.

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Trim and Tidy

Trim and Tidy

A tall pullout pantry effectively manages cleaning supplies in a hallway, kitchen, or laundry room. Hang items such as dustpans and scrubbers from both sides of a pegboard insert. Hooks at the top corral mops and brooms.

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Label It

Utility Matters

Labeled caddies corral cleaning supplies on the door of this kitchen closet. Colorful sticker labels are readable from afar, making it easy to find cleaning agents quickly in the event of messy spills. Labeled storage baskets filled with extra household items—such as rags, lightbulbs, and extension cords—utilize upper shelf space.

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Undersink Ace

Undersink Ace

Affix a storage-packed caddy to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door to create a cleaning command center. Fill the lower chamber of the caddy with plastic bags, and keep frequently used scrubbing tools on the top shelf for easy access. A plastic bin placed in the cabinet interior corrals bottles of cleaning agents.

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Style Meets Function

Laundry room storage container

Before you rush to the store to buy a cleaning caddy, consider repurposing a small, unused bin that's sitting around the house. This pretty storage bin corrals everyday cleaning supplies, such as sponges, rags, and a mini dustpan, in a colorful laundry room. The container packs a great amount of storage in a small space and is pretty enough to leave on a countertop when not in use.

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Ease of Use

Ease of Use

A pullout drawer in this bathroom vanity cabinet makes accessing needed items a breeze. A decorative wire basket near the back of the cabinet corrals bathroom cleaners and supplies, but it remains well within reach when the shelf is rolled out. A built-in towel bar on the side of the cabinet keeps hand towels accessible but away from harsh cleaning chemicals.

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Keep It Contained

storage containers

Repurposed containers easily organize cleaning supplies in this vanity cabinet. A freezer bin corrals bottles and a roll of trash-can liners, while clear acrylic shoeboxes with pullout drawers house brushes and rags. Sticker labels identify the containers' contents.

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Storage on Display

Storage on Display

When a linen closet isn't an option, a spacious open vanity is a perfect place for household extras. Decorative storage bins fill the shelves of this open vanity to create a cleaning catchall that's both stylish and functional. Separate your cleaning supplies by use and neatly arrange them in bins to prevent your bathroom from looking cluttered and messy.

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Storage on Wheels

Storage smart garages

Garages are often catchalls for everything from pantry items to sports gear. Ensure your car-care essentials stay clutter-free with a small mobile storage cart. Three shelves offer plenty of storage for seasonal care, washing, and cleaning, while the unit's petite size is easy to wheel between the garage and driveway.

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BONUS: Supplies You Already Have

Stock your cleaning caddy with these clever tools that you already have laying around the house.

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