Gather all your cleaning gear in one spot with these handy closet organization ideas.


Keep all of your cleaning supplies in one place with these helpful hacks. Getting stuff off the floor is the first step, and you might just have to take a trip to the office aisle to do that. Items like pencil cups, magazine holders, and even binder clips come in handy for corralling rubber gloves and sponges. No more hunting around for what you need on cleaning day!

1. Top Shelf

Store large, lightweight objects, such as empty buckets and extra paper towels, on high shelves. This clears up floor space plus keeps items you use more regularly at eye level.

2. High Roller

Mount a paper towel holder toward the top of the inside of the door for quick access to paper towels when needed. Stock extra rolls nearby so you can easily replace as needed.

3. Divide and Conquer

Use a divided bin to sort items like batteries, light bulbs, vacuum bags, and more cleaning essentials and home improvement items. Designate a section for each item type to keep everything organized and label the bin with the contents.

4. Cleaning Kit

Make a kit of frequently used supplies, such as those for dusting, that can easily be toted around the house. With everything in one place—dust cloths and polish, for example—you won't have to make multiple trips to your cleaning closet before your task is done.

5. Behind the Door

The back of the door reveals valuable vertical storage space. Put it to use by hanging a clamp-style rack for brooms and mops. Store sponges and scrubbers in repurposed wall-mounted pencil holders.

6. Get Hooked

Install small coat hooks on the side of your cleaning closet for a place to hang a duster, broom, and dustpan. Keep pairs of rubber gloves together by clipping them with a binder clip and hanging from another wall hook.

7. Organize Bottles

Hang narrow metal wall bins (the kind designed for mail and magazines) around the inside of the closet. Fill with spray bottles and cleaners. Label each bin with the type of cleaning product inside or designate different bins for various rooms of the house.

8. Clear the Floor

Cover the base of your cleaning closet or cabinet with a sheet of durable adhesive paper that wipes clean easily. It'll catch any wayward drips or dust from your equipment, plus it adds a pretty pop of pattern to the storage space.


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