6 Brilliant Tips to Clean Your Dirty Kitchen That Actually Work

Plunge into the darkest corners of your house.
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1. Soak Your Oven Rack In A Bathtub

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Scrubbing your oven rack can cause scratches or damage. Make it shiny again by soaking your oven rack in a bathtub filled with powder washing detergent or dishwashing liquid. Let it sit for at least four hours, or overnight, and it will come out looking brand new!

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2. Clear Tile Grout With A Homemade Solution

You know those dark lines between the floor tiles? Yep, those were once white. Here's how you can make your own grout cleaner:

Mix 7 cups water, ½ a cup of baking soda, ⅓ a cup of lemon juice, and ¼ a cup of vinegar into a bowl, or bucket. Depending on the size of your tile spaces, soak a sponge, or a toothbrush, in the mixture and scrub out the grout! Wipe dry with a clean washcloth.

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3. Wipe Down Your Stove Hood With Oil

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Grease easily sticks to stove hoods. And as dust latches on over time, the surface gets harder to clean with ordinary sprays. But we've got you covered: Just drop a bit of vegetable oil on a cloth or paper towel and wipe it down. Couldn't be more simple!

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4. Run Tang Through Your Dishwasher

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Did you know that hard water can build up in a dishwasher over time? If your dishwasher stops showing a thorough clean, it might be time to get out the Tang––yes, that Tang––the fruity powdered beverage made famous by NASA. Pour an entire container of Tang powder into an empty dishwasher. Let the machine run a full cycle. Add in your dirty dishes, run another full cycle, and get ready for some sparkly, clean plates.

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5. Place Your Stove Hood Filter In A Pot

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Wonder why your stove's hood vent is hidden behind that clunky shield? It's because it gets greasy, dusty, and pretty gross...really fast. The filter is just doing its job, but you don't have to live with all that build-up. In your biggest pot, boil water and gradually add half a cup of baking soda. Next, place the filter in the pot to soak. The entire filter may not get fully covered, so it's good to do both sides separately. Once one side is clean, turn the filter around and let the other side soak. BOILER ALERT: It'll be hot, so use gloves!

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6. Scrub Under Your Sink's Disposal Guard With A Toothbrush

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Food waste can get stuck on the underside of your sink's garbage disposal guard and you may not even realize it's there. Soak a toothbrush in an anti-grease solution and turn the flap inside out. Keep moving the toothbrush around to scrub off the food waste that surounds the entire guard.

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