Sometimes the best way to clean is to prevent an area from getting dirty in the first place. These tricks and tips—like doubling up on welcome mats and keeping shoes out of sight—will keep your mudroom in tip-top shape.

By Katie Bandurski
May 18, 2017

Don't let your mudroom turn into a mess every time it rains. Direct soggy coats, umbrellas, and boots to the shower or a washtub instead of the coat rack. Let items drip-dry, then return them to their rightful spot in the mudroom.

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Use Two Welcome Mats

entry rug

Two separate welcome mats—one inside and one outside—will help keep dirt and grime away. An outdoor mat makes it easy to thoroughly wipe shoes before stepping inside, while an indoor mat stores shoes off the floor. Clean both mats once a week by shaking off debris outside, then vacuuming.

Leave Sand at the Beach


Everyone loves a day at the beach. But the cleanup afterward? Not so much. Before entering the mudroom, have all beach-goers shed shoes, towels, toys, and anything else that was in the sand. Then shake out each item or spray down with a hose before bringing inside. For extra precaution, line totes and bins that store beach items with jumbo plastic bags.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Close

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No more poking around a broom closet to find the one cleaning item you need. Find a bin, basket, or cubby to store extra cleaning supplies right in your mudroom. This gives you easy access to tools as soon as a mess is made. Consider investing in a handheld vacuum to sweep up dirt as soon as you see it.

Pick Your Paint Wisely

coat rack

If your mudroom seems to always be in need of a touch-up, consider a fresh coat of paint in a harder-working finish. Avoid glossy paints, and instead stick to eggshell or flat finishes. These finishes are easy to clean and don't exaggerate stains or smudges. Also consider color: Dark paint will do a better job hiding dirt and imperfections.

Incorporate Rolling Storage


Cubbies and cabinets are great for storage, but they can be hard to clean behind. Keep it simple by using a rolling cart or storage rack. They're easy to clean on all sides—and even underneath.

Keep Shoes Separate

Mudroom storage

Shoes are a key culprit for tracking dirt into the home. Keep your mudroom—and surrounding rooms—clean by storing them in a designated closet or shoe rack. Sweep or mop weekly to prevent debris from piling up.

Use Outdoor Fabrics


Mudrooms are hot spots for moisture and mold, thanks to temperature fluctuations and people trekking in and out. Protect your furniture by choosing weather-resistant pillows, banquette cushions, rugs, and upholstery.


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