Best New Product Awards 2011: Household Products

Better Homes and Gardens teamed up with BrandSpark International to find out what you think are the best new household products of the year!

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    2011 Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product Award

    Over 63,000 consumers participated in an independent research study conducted by BrandSpark International and Better Homes and Gardens. These consumers selected the 5 most appealing and innovative new household products of the year. Check out the winning products and read what consumers are saying about them!

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    Best Household Product of the Year: Febreze Destination Collection

    "I love that it has exotic fragrances, and that it gives a feeling of renewal," --Sarah M.

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    Finish QUANTUMATIC Dish Detergent

    "There's no need to put soap in dishwasher each time, which is a time saver," --Tena G.

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    Charmin Sensitive Bathroom Tissue

    "I am not brand loyal at all except to this bathroom tissue. I just think it works better than any other bathroom tissue and I have probably tried 99% of them," --Tanya J.

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    Mr. Clean Disinfecting Bath Cleaner

    "The Mr. Clean cleaner is the best I've found for my tub," --Ann W.

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    OxiClean Max Force POWER PAKS

    "There is no muss, no fuss, and no measuring." --Lois C

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