Keep the Messes Away in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Learn tricks to keeping your house clean and mess-free with just five minutes a day.

Keep the messes from overwhelming you with these fast and easy tips from my blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Make Your Bed

An unmade bed is a messy room -- period! Make it as soon as you get up every morning. One minute to start the day off right!

Wash a Load of Laundry Every Day

Take a minute to throw a load of laundry in the washer as soon as you get dressed every morning. The key time-saver here is toalways keep the laundry separated in baskets. If you remember this, all you will have to do is empty the basket of dirty clothes into the washer and add your soap. It should only take about a minute. Later in the day when you have a minute, switch the clothes to the dryer. Don't wait until you have created Mount Everest in your laundry room before washing clothes. If you keep up with laundry daily, your home will stay cleaner, and baskets won't be overflowing and daunting.

If You Get It Out, Put It Back

It only takes a few seconds to hang a shirt back up that you chose not to wear. The same goes with toiletries in the bathroom, food in the kitchen, and toys around the house (grown ups and kids). Instead of accumulating messy piles, take a few extra seconds to put your things away.

Load the Dishwasher as Soon as You Finish Eating

Dirty dishes are no fun to look at. They create chaos in your kitchen. If you whip up a quick snack, immediately rinse off your dishes and place them in the dishwasher. Start the dishwasher before bed and unload it first thing in the morning. Make it a rule never to leave a dirty dish in your sink again. Out of sight, out of mind.

Clean Out Your Car, Every Day

Make it a point to empty out your car as soon as you get home every day. Throw all trash away and remove any items that don't belong. Keep small trash bags and wipes in the car. Make this a habit and never have a messy car again!

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  1. "Make your bed as soon as you get up every morning. One minute to start the day off right!" What a rubbish advice, a bed needs to air, you loose water during the night and closing the bed straight after getting up makes a very nice climate in you bed. Not....

    1. I prefer to let the bed air out a bit before making it up each morning. When I get up I throw the top covers neatly over the bottom 4th of the bed. After breakfast I smooth them back up over the head of the bed.

    2. I also "let the bed air" - I get up, bathe, dress, get breakfast and then make the bed.

    3. 🤨

  2. I've learned it's easier to do a little bit everyday, than to allow it all to pile up until the weekend. Weekends are already way too short. Why shorten them even more with endless housekeeping chores.

  3. If you see something that can be done in two minutes or less, go ahead and do it right then. I've made a practice of that, and I'm constantly amazed at what can be done in so short a time and what a difference it makes in my surroundings. For instance, straighten the pillows and throws on the sofa, discard this morning's newspaper, take that coffee mug to the kitchen, pick up the dog's toys. Voila! Much neater living room. Such things can be done in any room in the house and what a difference this habit makes!

    1. I completely agree, I sometimes time myself as I clean the kitchen after dinner. You can accomplish a lot in ten minutes if you dont let dishes pile up. A quick load of the dishwasher,pot and pan scrub,countertop clean,stove wipe and kitchen sweep and you're done.

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