3 Unexpected Uses for Common Household Items

Scuffs don't stand a chance with these clever uses for common household items.

Scuffs don't stand a chance with these clever uses for common household items.

What do socks have in common with a vacuum? They can both help you clean! Sometimes all you need to fight scuffs and dust are items you already own—in this case, a tennis ball, a hair dryer, and socks. Tackle some of the most hard-to-clean spots with these tricks. No fancy cleaning products required!

1. Scuff Out Scuffs

The soles of shoes can mark up a floor with dark streaks, which are especially noticeable if you have light flooring. Take care of this issue in a snap with a tennis ball! The soft felt will rub out the scuff, and it's safe for your floors. Match point.

2. Sticky Situation

Do you have a kid who loves to put stickers on the wall? Don't panic! Your trusty hair dryer is more than just a beauty tool. Blow-dry the stickers gently, then peel off. The heat will loosen the adhesive and prevent the stickers from taking off any paint.

3. Sock It (to Dust)

Window blinds are notoriously difficult to clean and also heavy dust collectors. The solution to cleaning blinds is in your sock drawer. Slip an old sock over your hand and use it to dust between those hard-to-reach slats. Dampen slightly with water or a polishing solution to pick up residue, then run along each blind. As a bonus, those forlorn socks missing their other halves now have a new life!


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