10 Household Things That You're Doing Wrong

No more struggling with new shoes that rub or aluminum foil that unrolls. These $0 life hacks just changed your daily routine.

These genius household life hacks won't cost you a penny. Posted by Hayley Williams on her YouTube page (which features tons of additional game-changing hacks), they just might change your whole day.

Hack 1: Break In New Shoes with a Hairdryer

Going for a walk in new shoes, even the most comfy sneakers, always causes painful rubbing. According to Hayley, a pair of socks and a hairdryer help add instant flexibilty to your stiff new kicks.

Hack 2: Ease Your Cans Into the Fridge

Ugh. That moment when you transfer your cube of canned pop into the fridge one-by-one. Never again! Simply open both the front and back of the box and push the cans through. Brilliant.

Hack 3: Use the Tabs on Aluminum Foil Rolls

The manufacturer has wanted you to do this all along! Those smart aluminum foil people provided tabs on each side of their box, which keep that pesky roll in place. Life changed.

Hack 4: Tip The Pour Spout Over

Cartons with pour spouts always seem to miss the glass when you pour, right? Well, we've simply been holding the container the wrong way. Instead of spout-down, hold the juice spout-up. No more spills!

Hack 5: Soak a New Mani in Ice Water

If you've taken the time to paint your nails you want the look to stay put. To achieve a faster, firmer dry, dunk your nails in an ice bath for 15-30 seconds.

Hack 6: Make a Peanut Butter Barrier

You know that first bite of PB&J where the jelly spills everywhere? A simple barrier of peanut butter can act as a fortress: Simply spread your PB around the bread edges, adding jam in the center. Squish the sandwich for good fruity distribution.

Hacks 7-10: See Them In Action!

Get keys off a key ring, chill your drinks faster, unstiffen a new T-shirt, and polish dress shoes with a household cleaner -- they're all here in Hayley's helpful video, along with more details about the hacks, above.


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