Have You Tried this Yet? Household Product Guide

Iams Premium Protection Dog and Cat Food
Indulge in these innovative household products from Proctor & Gamble to add ease and luxury to your everyday routine. Whether it is a load of dirty laundry, or a messy kitchen that needs to be tackled, these products will help you get the job done with convenience and even a little fun. Learn more at www.pgtryit.com.

Tide Free & Gentle

For a detergent that is soft on the skin, but still packs a punch against tough stains from dirt and food residue, turn to Tide Free & Gentle. Free of dyes and perfumes, this detergent is dermatologist tested for sensititive skin and is perfect for busy households.

Tide Stain Release Free

For a simple way to remove stains without multiple washes or pretreatment, toss Tide Stain Release Free into the wash with a messy load of laundry. The in-wash boost gives an extra kick to laundry and is perfect for removing stains the first time, and is free of dyes and perfumes.

Bounce Dryer Bar Free

For three months of fresh and static free laundry, without dyes or perfume, give Bounce Dryer Bar Free a whirl. Bounce Dryer Bar Free provides all the benefits of a gentle fabric softener with the added convenience of several months without having to remember to throw in a dryer sheet!

Ultra Downy Simple Pleasures

For an everyday luxury, indulge in one of the delicious scents of Ultra Downy Simple Pleasures. The product's dual scent technology lasts from wash to wear, that makes your everyday fabrics (and you) feel fabulous.

Iams Premium Protection Dog and Cat Food

When it comes to finding innovative products, don't forget about your furry four-footed friends. Iams Premium Protection was developed with vets and fortified with cutting-edge ingredients to promote healthy skin and coat, comfortable digestion and an enhanced immune system.

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