Battling a mountain of snow on your car when you're just trying to get to work is no fun. These simple ideas will save you from chattering teeth and wet feet the next time you wake up to a surprise snowstorm.
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We love how a blanket of snow looks the morning after a blizzard. At least, until we remember we need to clean it off our car before driving to work. All the scraping and dusting is exhausting–not to mention freezing! This winter, we want to be prepared. These brilliant winter car hacks will get you out the door on time this year. With these, you can begin to see snow for its beauty again, not its frustrations.

Record Scratch

No ice scraper? No problem! Did you know that you can use an old CD to scrape ice off your windshield? When in a pinch, this hack can save you a lot of time and effort! Just be sure to choose a CD you haven't listened to in years, because the scraping can cause some serious damage to your tunes. Note: You may be tempted to use a snow shovel or household broom to clear off your car--don't! These items can scratch the paint or windows.

Cold Feet

A little bit of snow on the floor of your car is expected, but a giant pile can cause trouble. All that snow has to melt sometime and no one wants a wet car floor that's susceptible to damage. Place a sheet of newspaper on the floor to stomp your feet on and toss out the snow effectively.

DIY Antifreeze

A mixture of three parts vinegar and one part water can really be a lifesaver during those overnight frosts. Spray a generous amount directly onto the windshield to help prevent your car from getting a nice blanket of ice.

Up Your Sleeve

When we're brushing snow off the car, we often forget an important spot: the top of the door frame. Give it a quick swipe with your coat sleeve to prevent snow from falling onto your seat when you get in. Nobody wants to discover they're sitting in a puddle!

Drive By

The ridges of your rubber floor mat can help prevent you from getting stuck in the snow. Place it behind your wheel to flatten a mound of snow blocking your car and drive over it. (Just don't forget to go pick it back up after you've gotten out of the tight spot!)


Start by turning on your car and running its defrosters. Make sure the tailpipe isn't blocked by snow, as this can cause dangerous carbon monoxide to build up inside. You'll still have to get out and clean it, but the car's heat will help melt some of the snow off your windshield and hood.


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