Ants, and spiders, and fruit flies. Oh, my!

By Hannah Bruneman

With the weather cooling down, more critters will try to find refuge in your warm home. Make sure they know they're unwelcome with DIY pesticide. These at-home bug repellants from Home Advisor are great home hacks that will keep bugs and harmful chemicals out of your home. All the ingredients are natural and safe to use around your family and pets, so start spraying away!

1. Ants

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Ants are small and harmless, but they can be so annoying. Just one little crumb can attract a whole bunch and they seem to spread everywhere. To stop them before they even become a problem, combine water, white vinegar, and essential oil in a spray bottle and mist all doors and baseboards in your home.

2. Cockroaches

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If cockroaches send shivers up your spine, you need to make this pesticide before they even think about entering your home. Two cups of water mixed with two tablespoons of tea tree oil should do the trick.

3. Spiders

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Let spiders know they are unwanted by deterring them with this fragrant spray. Mix one tablespoon of peppermint essential oil and one cup of water in a misting bottle. Cover all entrances to your house, including windows, to make sure your personal space is secure.

4. Fruit Flies

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These pesky flies seem to come from nowhere! We don't recommend cutting fruit from your diet so try this fruit fly trap instead. Stir together water and red wine vinegar in a cup. Then create a funnel out of a coffee filter and place it on top. Within a few days, the fruit flies will all be trapped in the cup with no way to escape!

5. Mosquitos

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The only place you should be worried about mosquitos is in front of the bonfire. Keep those annoying pests outside this fall by placing lavender, catnip, or basil near any entrances to your home.

To learn more about these home hacks, check out the video below:


Comments (2)

January 7, 2019
For spiders I use a repellent that has lavender , rosemary & peppermint . It works really well .
May 3, 2018
I have done the spider repellent and it works. I have a daughter who is afraid on them and we will not kill them so this is a perfect solution. thank you Jackie, Darwen, Lancashire