Fall cleaning is easier to tackle if you focus on bite-size tasks and stay on track with smart daily to-dos.


When it comes to deep cleaning, sometimes even tackling a single room can be overwhelming. Breaking down each room into a check list of "musts" will make seasonal cleaning a breeze. Integrate cleaning into parts of day-to-day use of the space to make it feel less like a chore.


The kitchen is oftentimes the center of the home, where everyone gathers when they get home from daily activities. Fall weather lends itself to muddy shoe prints that get tracked into the kitchen. Cooler weather also means less outdoor grilling and more indoor cooking, which can do a number on kitchen surfaces. As more time is spent indoors, it's important to stay on top of tidying up, especially on surfaces that come in contact with food.

Tackle It!

Carve out a few minutes after dinner to making kitchen cleaning easier. These three tasks can be done in ten minutes or less, and can easily work their way into your after-dinner clean up routine:

  • Clear off and wipe down counters
  • Scrub sink
  • Sweep floor for crumbs


The bathroom is an important space to clean, no matter what the season. It's the space that you freshen up in, so it should be freshened up regularly, too. Cooler weather means more time inside; more time inside means more dust. Keep everything fresh and clean by accomplishing small cleaning tasks daily.

Tackle It!

The bathroom is a space used daily. While you're there, take a moment to accomplish these three tasks:

  • Clean off counters
  • Wipe down shower walls while showering
  • Wipe out sink

Quick Fix For Drop-In Guests

Put out a new hand towel; use the old one to wipe down the sink. Use a little of any type of soap to quickly brush around the toilet bowl, then wipe the tank top, seat, and rim with toilet paper. Flush, and you're done!

Living Room

Fall is the perfect time for the family to cozy up in the living room around the fireplace. The family room is a space that often collects clutter and looks messy as couch pillows are squished and throw blankets are used and folded up. Family night in the living room can also mean snacking on the couch, which leads to more spills and stains. Stay on top of tidy appearances by doing a quick pick-up.

Tackle It!

The average commercial break time is 3 minutes. Take that time to do a quick living room refresh with these three steps:

  • Do a quick pickup
  • Spot-clean spills
  • Straighten pillows

Cleaning Quandaries

  • Wipe fingerprints off TV screens with a 1:1 solution of distilled white vinegar and distilled water
  • Remove stale smells from upholstery by sprinkling on baking soda with a cheese shaker. Let sit at least 15 minutes or overnight; vacuum.


Days get shorter and nights get longer when fall comes around. Make sure your sleeping area is always tidy and clean for when you get to unwind after dinner. For those who sleep with the window open throughout the summer, closing up for the season can lead to shocking amounts of dust collected on bedroom surfaces. Take care of your relaxing space with a steady bedroom cleaning ritual.

Tackle It!

Make the bedroom feel ten times cleaner by accomplishing this task every day:

  • Make your bed

This task should make its way into your home cleaning routine every week:

  • Launder sheets

Best practice for this task is to tackle it every two months: 

Dust Patrol

Reduce allergens by dusting ceiling fan blades often. While you're up there, flip the fan's direction switch: In fall and winter, blades should move clockwise to circulate heated air.

Prepping For Cold Weather

Cold weather can do a number on your home, especially if certain places aren't prepped correctly for the shift in weather. More time inside means more dust and higher in-home temperatures. Falling leaves make for more outdoor maintenance. Here are some important things to remember to do for your home this fall.

  • Have your furnace and chimney inspected and cleaned before use
  • Change your furnace filter every month
  • Clean out the gutters after leaves fall


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