If a cleaning routine sounds rigid and impossible, you haven’t met this easy-to-follow kitchen cleaning schedule. Take our guidelines and make them your own, setting a schedule that works for you. Stick to it, and once you’re in the habit of following the routine, kitchen cleaning will happen like clockwork.

By Alicia Chilton

Kitchens take a messy beating between hurried breakfasts in the morning, weeknight meals, and food-centric get-togethers. A little routine cleaning and regular upkeep results in a neat space day to day and makes more in-depth monthly kitchen cleaning less daunting. The key to sticking to a routine is creating a cleaning list that works for your schedule and preferences. Use these kitchen cleaning checklist ideas as a guideline and make them your own.

Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

A few minutes of daily cleaning keeps on track and messes at bay. With day-to-day grime wiped away, more thorough weekly and monthly cleanings aren’t such a chore.

  1. Spray and wipe the countertops and range top. Clean off splatters from the vent hood, too.

  2. Sweep the floor and wipe up spills.

  3. Scrub the sink with a general-purpose cleaner. Then wipe dry.

  4. Deal with dishes: Unload clean dishes from the dishwasher and take care of hand-wash dishes as soon as possible.

  5. Tidy up and put away stray items. Relocate anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen to its proper home.

Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Set aside some time every week to take your daily cleaning a bit deeper. Pick a time during the week when your schedule is usually free and make a date with your kitchen. Establish an order and process that works for you and before long, you’ll be able to breeze through this weekly kitchen cleaning checklist.

  1. Mop the floor. (You may need to mop more often if you have young children or pets in your household. Or messy cooks.)

  2. Clean the exteriors of large appliances and small countertop appliances, such as coffee pots and toasters.

  3. Wipe the refrigerator door and any smudges in the interior.

  4. Toss leftovers or refrigerated items that are past their prime.

  5. Scour and polish the sink. Give a little extra attention to crevices and seams where gunk loves to hide. Once the sink is finished, clean the faucet, too.  

  6. Spot-clean cabinets to remove fingerprints and smudges. Play close attention to doors and drawers you use frequently. Don’t forget about the cabinet boxes and drawer interiors.

  7. Toss towels and dishcloths into the wash.

Monthly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

With a regular and frequent basic cleaning routine in place, a monthly kitchen deep-clean will be a breeze. Turn your attention to the places that miss most of the day-to-day grime but still benefit from an occasional once-over.

  1. Wipe down cabinet doors and drawers.

  2. Clean the oven. (Hesitant to use the self-clean feature? Do this instead.)

  3. Clean the refrigerator and sanitize its drip pan.

  4. Rinse out any drawer dividers or organizers. They’re great for bringing order to your kitchen, but they are dirt and crumb magnets.

  5. Give a little extra attention to the toe-kick area beneath your cabinets. Crumbs and dirt tend to migrate here and hide during daily sweeping and weekly mopping.

  6. Dust the tops of cabinets and your refrigerator. Give light fixtures a once-over.

  7. Clean and sanitize trash and recycling receptacles. (You should also do this as needed if a nasty spill happens or an odor lingers.)

  8. Take a peek at the inside of your dishwasher, especially around the seal, and wipe away any grime and water deposits. (Yes, your dishwasher needs cleaning too—here’s how!)

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

As you establish your cleaning routine, keep these smart tips and tricks in mind:

  1. Commit to your routine with a printed checklist. The visual presence of a kitchen duties checklist is a good reminder and having something to check off feels like an accomplishment.

  2. Tackle spills and messes as they happen and be thorough. Spilled milk that splashes across the counter and onto the floor also tends to find its way into odd places. Open drawers and cabinets to assess the extent of the mess.

  3. Keep a spray bottle of your favorite homemade cleaner or all-purpose cleaner handy for quick and efficient cleanup.

  4. Know your kitchen materials. What is suitable for laminate countertops may do a number on granite or quartz. With material-appropriate cleaners, your kitchen surfaces will stay sparkling.

  5. Keep a broom and dustpan in the kitchen for sweeping after meals and cooking sessions.

  6. Clutter can be a foil to your cleaning routine goals. Get in the habit of returning things that don’t belong in the kitchen to their rightful homes. Do a regular purge of your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator contents.

  7. Delegate, or divide and conquer, and make cleaning a collaborative effort by assigning tasks to family members.

  8. Banish odors for a kitchen that smells as good as it looks with these 10 ways to overcome a stinky kitchen.

  9. Out of cleaning products? No problem. Your kitchen might have what you need. Lemons, baking soda, vinegar, and even vodka can be used as DIY cleaning substitutes.


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