Follow this kitchen cleaning schedule to make daily, weekly, and monthly tasks a breeze.

Between hurried breakfasts, weeknight meals, and food-centric get-togethers, kitchens take a messy beating. Crumbs, spills, and splatters collect quickly on kitchen surfaces through daily activities, making it difficult to keep up with cleaning. But if put off for too long, cleaning your cooking space can become a time-consuming, overwhelming task. Countertops, cabinets, appliances, sinks, and floors provide a ton of surface area that takes time to scrub and wipe clean. By breaking kitchen cleaning down into smaller tasks, however, you can turn a daunting mess into an easy-to-tackle job.

A little routine cleaning and regular upkeep make more in-depth monthly kitchen cleaning less intimidating. The key to sticking to a routine is to create a kitchen cleaning checklist that works for your schedule and preferences. Use these kitchen cleaning checklist ideas as a guideline and make them your own, setting a schedule that works for you. Depending on your kitchen's level of use, you might need to complete some tasks more and less frequently. Develop your own kitchen cleaning checklist and stick to it. Once you're in the habit of following the routine, kitchen cleaning tasks will happen like clockwork.

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Everyday Kitchen Cleaning

A few minutes of daily cleaning keeps on track and messes at bay. With day-to-day grime wiped away, more thorough weekly and monthly cleanings aren't such a chore.

  • Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

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Kitchen Cleaning Tasks for the Week

Set aside time every week to take your daily cleaning a bit deeper. Pick a time during the week when your schedule is usually free and make a date with your kitchen. Establish an order and process that works for you and before long, you'll be able to breeze through this weekly kitchen cleaning checklist.

  • Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

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Monthly Routine for Kitchen Cleaning

With a regular and frequent basic cleaning routine in place, a monthly kitchen deep-clean will be a breeze. This monthly kitchen cleaning checklist turns your attention to the places that miss most of the day-to-day grime but still benefit from an occasional once-over.

  • Monthly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

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Tips for Sticking to a Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

As you establish your own kitchen cleaning checklist, commit to your routine with a printed version. The visual presence of a kitchen duties checklist is a good reminder and having something to check off feels like an accomplishment. Remember that this cleaning schedule isn't set in stone, however. Always tackle spills and messes as they happen and be thorough. Spilled milk that splashes across the counter and onto the floor, for example, also tends to find its way into odd places. Open drawers and cabinets to assess the extent of the mess.

To make ticking off your kitchen cleaning checklist easier, keep a spray bottle of your favorite homemade cleaner or all-purpose cleaner handy for quick and efficient cleanup. (Lemons, baking soda, distilled white vinegar, and even vodka can be used as DIY cleaning substitutes.) Similarly, keep a broom and dustpan in the kitchen for sweeping after meals and cooking sessions. Knowing your kitchen materials will also help the process run smoothly. What is suitable for laminate countertops might do a number on granite or quartz. With material-appropriate cleaners, your kitchen surfaces will stay sparkling.

Make it a habit to stay on top of clutter, which can be a foil to your kitchen cleaning routine goals. Get in the habit of returning things that don't belong in the kitchen to their rightful homes. Do a regular purge of your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator contents. Feel free to delegate, or divide and conquer, and make cleaning a collaborative effort by assigning tasks to family members.


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