These Genius Spin-Head Brushes Cut My Cleaning Time in Half

I've never been more excited about scrubbing my glass shower doors.
By Lauren Bengtson
August 25, 2020
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We all have a cleaning task around the house that we absolutely hate to do; scrubbing stovetop grates, tile grout, and glass shower doors top my list. I used to procrastinate these tasks for days, sometimes weeks, which made them even harder to clean as grease, grime, and soap scum slowly built up.

But thanks to these marvelous drill-bit brushes, those pesky problems are in the past and I'm spinning my way into a squeaky-clean future with battery-powered ease.

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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

These nylon ninjas are seriously amazing. All you do is attach a brush to the end of a battery-powered drill or screwdriver and start scrubbing away the grime. Pair them with your favorite cleaner or disinfectant, and you've got the ultimate grease-fighting duo. 

I have yet to find a cleaning problem the spin-brushes can't solve—and fast. I love to use mine on glass, grout, tile, fiberglass, and metal. It's especially satisfying to watch them dig into hard-to-reach spots like shower hinges and brackets. The set of six comes with 4- and 5-inch flat brushes, long-and short-bristle 2-inch brushes, and two rounded heads, so I can use them practically anywhere.

You can also purchase the set in varying strengths, ranging from soft to ultra-bristle. The soft white bristles work on fabrics, upholstery, or car wheels (just to name a few), while the ultra-stiff black brushheads make grills, smokers, rusty metal, and cast iron look like new. There are three more middle-ground strengths for cleaning your kitchen, outdoor furniture, and home exterior, too. The possibilities are seemingly endless, and you'll save yourself hours of hard scrubbing.

I especially like to pair the brushes with my favorite nontoxic all-purpose cleaning spray ($13, Amazon), then wipe everything clean with an eco-friendly microfiber cloth. The brushes do spray at times, so it's important to wear gloves and eye protection

As soon as you try these power brushes, you'll never go back to scrubbing by hand. So grab yourself a set and take your home for a spin.