I Thought I Had Ruined the Cloth Seats in My Car, but This Bissell Spot Cleaner Saved the Day

And it’s only $16.

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Bissell Professional Power Shot Oxy Carpet Spot
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

I'm not sure when or why it began, but I am fastidious about my car. I'm this way about very few things in my life, but for years I have made sure to keep the interior of my car as clean as possible. Everything from my sunglasses to my insurance documents is stored in a specific spot, and I never leave trash behind once I arrive home. That said, I'm not afraid to have a snack (or sometimes a full meal) in my car—a habit I might need to change.

The other week, my mom and I were craving ice cream from our favorite local spot, so we took an early Mother's Day drive together for a late-night treat. After enjoying our ice cream inside my car where it was warmer than sitting outside, I made a rookie mistake: I decided not to toss my chocolate-sauce-laced cup before driving home.

Unbeknownst to either of us, the cup spilled onto my car's cloth seat while I was driving. Although devastated is much too strong a word to describe how I felt, I wasn't exactly happy. After all, I've only been driving my Subaru Forester since April. However, I never shy away from a stain challenge before admitting defeat, and my mom had the idea to try using Bissell's Pro Oxy Power Shot Stain Remover.

Bissell Professional Power Shot Oxy Carpet Spot
Courtesy of Amazon

BUY IT: Bissell Pro Oxy Power Shot Stain Remover, Pack of 2, ($16, Amazon)

I had visions of the spot accidentally growing in size while I scrubbed at the seat, and I was even prepared to pay for a detailing appointment. Instead, my mom and I watched in amazement as the Bissell spot cleaner worked to raise the chocolate to the surface of the fabric.

According to Bissell, the "earth-friendly" cleaner is made with biodegradable detergents and is free from dyes, heavy metals, and phosphates. Much of its power is due to its triple oxy formula as well as its stain lift technology and patented odor elimination technology. Not only can it tackle chocolate ice cream, but the brand says it can also handle "set-in stains like red wine, pet soils, coffee, and motor oil" as well.

And the instructions are easy to follow: We simply sprayed the aerosol can until the formula entirely covered the stain, let it sit (Bissell suggests waiting for five minutes), and then wiped the cleaner away with a cloth—erasing the stain along with it.

I'm not alone in my excitement, either; Amazon shoppers are equally thrilled by how well the Bissell cleaner works.

"This is by far the best cleaner I've used for my light upholstery in my car," wrote one five-star reviewer who added that it "never fails to get out spots." Another shopper who uses the stain remover on both carpets and upholstery said, "I have purchased it at least 20 times and always come back for more."

Shop the Bissell Pro Oxy Power Shot Stain Remover on Amazon for $16. The spot cleaner is perfect to keep on hand for unexpected messes to help you avoid expensive car detailing appointments. With all of the stains it can erase, the second can is sure to come in handy—or you can give one to a friend who will appreciate its stain-lifting power just as much.

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