6 Unusual Ways Coconut Oil Will Transform Your Household

Get ready to go nuts.


Our love for coconut runs deep. They're so chock-full of health benefits that we're convinced you could live off them! But for now, let's stick to coconuts' uses as a super-oil. Organic, unprocessed coconut oil can revolutionize your household health in many ways. It can be used as a moisturizer, a mouthwash, a wood polish, and an everyday cooking solution. Even your pets and household plants can benefit from this super-oil! Here are six unexpected and innovative ways you can begin to integrate this fantastic oil into your family and home's health today.

1. Coconut Oil Pulling

Image courtesy of Dr. Axe.

You may be thinking...what in the world is "coconut oil pulling"? While it may sound bizarre, coconut oil pulling is an ancient, Ayurvedic technique that supposedly draws bacteria out of the body as it's swished around the mouth for 10-30 minutes. The process is said to be incredibly detoxifying for all your dental needs––boosting gum health, whitening teeth naturally, and preventing cavities. But the benefits don't stop there: Fans also argue that the process benefits the entire body, increasing metabolism, reducing PMS, clearing acne, and eliminating candida from the system.

So, how does it work? Begin by swishing a tablespoon of organic coconut oil around your mouth (do not swallow!) for 10-30 minutes every morning on an empty stomach. Start gently with 5-10 minutes, as you may need to get accustomed to this routine.

Now, this is VERY important: When you're ready to call it quits, be sure to spit the oil into the garbage. Spitting the oil into the sink will harden and clog your drains. We realize this may sound...well...distasteful, but we encourage you to try! Your mouth will feel AMAZING afterward like you've just had your teeth cleaned at the dentist.

Note: Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly right after.

For a full list of benefits and a how-to guide to coconut oil pulling visit this blog by Dr. Axe

2. Cooking With Coconut Oil

Image courtesy of Whole Food Market.

I can't believe it's not… butter! Ditch the hefty stick of butter and replace it with sleek coconut oil. Coconut oil has many healthy fats that can help with digestion and the breakdown of food. You can add a spoonful to your smoothies, soups, and morning coffee! If you want a gluten-free option for baking, we recommend trying coconut flour.

Here's an added plus to cooking with coconut oil: It's also good for your cast iron pans! Butter and other oils can leave harsh stains on cast iron pans, but coconut oil helps keep them in good repair. We love these coconut oil cooking tips from Tiffany, The Coconut Mama!

The delicious flavor of coconut will also add a nice twist to your cooking this season. Add coconut oil to soups this fall, fry up and roast your veggies in coconut oil, or try searing your favorite fish filet in it! We love these coconut oil-inspired recipes from the Whole Foods Market Blog.

3. Coconut Oil for Skin Care and Hair Care

Image courtesy of Natural Living Ideas.

We love affordable and natural beauty products. There are many inexpensive, all-natural benefits of apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Now, we're adding coconut oil into the mix! With this trio, you're sure to be healthy and shining this fall.

You can moisturize your face, body, and hair with coconut oil. The oil is easily absorbed and will penetrate and hydrate deeper than regular store-bought moisturizing products, which often contain unnecessary chemicals. Remember, whatever you put on your skin is immediately absorbed into your body.

If you use all-natural coconut oil, you don't have to worry about potential side effects. It can get slippery, however, so we recommend grabbing a bottle of fractionated oil for moisturizing purposes. That way, the oils' fats have already been removed, making the application a little less messy.

You can also try putting it on your face for radiant, anti-aging skin! We also love using coconut oil as an alternative to shaving cream. It will leave your legs feeling smooth and silky. Organic Facts has a list of how to incorporate coconut oil into your skincare regimen.

For dry hair and split ends, replace the expensive and chemical-induced keratin treatment with a coconut oil hair mask. It works, but be sure to rinse thoroughly!

4. Coconut Oil for Healthy Plant Life

Image courtesy of Endoriot.com.

Even your green friends can benefit from coconut oil! For indoor greenery, simply rub a few dabs of coconut oil on plant leaves and stems for added health. It will keep their roots extra moist and absorbent. Plus, it will leave their limbs glistening with a healthy, dust-free finish. It's recommended to re-apply every few days or as needed.

For gardening, coconut oil for plant leaves acts similarly to apple cider vinegar as a natural herbicide. In addition, due to the abundance of fatty acids in coconut oil, it can act as a natural weed killer. We love these tips on how to make your own coconut oil herbicide by Hybrid Rasta Mama.

5. Coconut Oil for Happy Pets

Image courtesy of Grab Your Healthy.

Keep your pets healthy with coconut oil. Clean your pets' ears with coconut oil applied to Q-Tips, moisturize their cracked paws, and even dab it on their noses! Plus, put a little dollop in their food to act as an anti-fungal and digestive aid. You can also give their coats a fresh coat of coconut oil for added moisture.

6. Coconut Oil for Sleek Wood Surfaces

Image courtesy of Huffington Post.

Goodbye, toxic and expensive wood finish! All you need is a little coconut oil to spread onto your wooden household surfaces to leave them looking shiny and new. Coconut oil will leave your wooden chairs, tables, benches, and patio furniture looking like they just had a coconut oil massage!

You only need a tablespoon of coconut oil and a clean, smooth cloth to apply. Rub on the wooden surface, and the super-oil will penetrate the wood deeply (similar to our skin). For more information, check out these tips from Everyday Roots on how to make your own all-natural wood polishes and sealants.

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