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Better Homes & Gardens Home Services: Tree Services

The right trees can transform your home’s landscape and curb appeal. To keep your landscaping looking fresh and healthy, you’ll want to invest in regular tree maintenance. From planting trees and trimming trees near power lines to stump and tree removal, trees can require a lot of upkeep.

Are your tree branches growing dangerously close to a power line? Is it time to remove a dead tree that has become a landscaping eyesore? With Better Homes & Gardens Home Services, simply complete the form and receive up to four free quotes from local tree services to handle your tree maintenance needs.

Tree Trimming Near Me

No matter if you have willow trees, dogwood trees, or oak trees, tree trimming is important to keep your trees, and your yard, healthy. Not only does tree trimming keep your landscaping in top shape, but it is also important for the safety of your home and family. Dead tree branches, trees growing in power lines, and low-hanging limbs can pose a serious threat. Don’t wait until a severe storm or strong winds cause damage to your trees, home, and yard. Avoid a landscaping disaster and hire a tree trimming service. While you’re at it, ask your tree trimmer to look for signs of any diseases or pests, like emerald ash borer, that may be spreading throughout your trees. If a problem is discovered, trimmers often can remove portions of your trees to help stop the disease from spreading. Find a tree trimmer in your area who can keep your trees healthy.

Tree Removal Service

Do you have a tree that needs to be removed? To keep your landscaping looking great, it’s important to remove trees that are dead, unhealthy, or diseased. Tree removal services can also come in handy if a tree is in the way of new landscaping, home additions, or remodeling plans. With the different types of trees and root systems, you never quite know what you’re getting into with tree removal – making this a potentially dangerous job. We recommend having a professional assess any trees that may need to be removed. Find a professional arborist in your area who can remove trees and dispose of the mess safely.

Tree Stump Removal

Has a fallen tree left an unattractive tree stump in the middle of your yard? Are you noticing sprouts from a stump that you thought was gone? With complex root systems, tree stump removal can be a laborious and time-consuming process. Don’t waste your time attempting to remove a tree stump yourself. Tree removal professionals will know what tools and methods to use to remove tree stumps completely. You’ll also want to ask your tree service professional if grinding your tree stump down could be a better option for your yard. Often tree stumps can be ground down below the surface to achieve a look similar to complete stump removal. Find a local tree removal professional to remove unsightly stumps from your yard.

Tree Cleanup can be a Hassle

Severe storms and strong winds can wreak havoc on trees. If severe weather has left you with split trees or hanging limbs, you’ll want to get in contact with a local tree service. Taking care of tree damage as soon as possible will prevent further damage from trees or limbs falling. Tree cleanup professionals have the removal and trimming tools to take care of tree damage safely. Find a local tree service to talk about your tree cleanup options.

Leave Tree Planting to an Arborist

With hundreds of trees to choose from, choosing the right trees for your landscaping can be overwhelming. Contact a local tree service to create the perfect tree plan for your yard, climate, and budget. An arborist can help you choose trees for your region and recommend the best location to plant trees in your yard. Find a tree service in your area who can help choose and plant trees that will bring your landscaping to life.

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