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Better Homes & Gardens Home Services: Stairs

The visual presence of a staircase can make an architectural statement, create a grand entrance, or serve as a warm welcome to your home. But trying to install or repair stairs on your own can result in a costly and potentially dangerous situation.

Do you have a home addition or remodel that calls for the installation of a new staircase or stair rail? Have your current stairs become a safety concern? A local contractor can help make sure that your staircases and stair railings are installed correctly. From large projects like installing new stairs, to smaller projects like repairing a squeaky step, Better Homes & Gardens Home Services can connect you with local staircase contractors who can get the job done. Simply complete the form and receive up to four free quotes from stair carpenters near you.

Stair Installation: What You Should Know

Not only do stairs serve a functional purpose in connecting the levels of your home, but staircases are also an integral part of your home’s design. It is important to choose a staircase layout that will meet both your design and functionality needs. A few of the staircase layout options you will want to consider include: straight wood stairs, curved stairs, turned stairs, and spiral stairs. You can also add a unique visual effect and increased function through implementing custom storage options underneath or beside your stairs.

Building stairs is no easy task. Since staircases that are not installed properly will pose a safety threat to your entire family, you’ll want to connect with a local contractor to take care of staircase installation. If you are working with a tricky space, or have specific design needs, your contractor can also work with you to create a custom staircase. Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Don’t forget about the outdoors! Adding deck stairs is a great way to increase the functionality of your backyard and add a timeless design element to your landscaping.

Staircase Railing Installation

Staircase railings serve the dual purpose of adding a strong visual presence and providing stability for those who travel up and down the stairs. The right banister can turn your staircase into a work of art. A few of today’s most popular stair railing options include: wrought iron stair railings, metal stair railings, and modern stair railings. When you leave handrail installation to a professional, you can spend all your time thinking about the fun design elements, and you’ll have the added bonus of knowing that the banister will be installed correctly and be safe for your family to use. Complete the Better Homes & Gardens Home Services form and find a contractor in your area to discuss the best staircase railing installation options for your home.

Repairing Stairs for Added Safety

Have your stairs developed an annoying squeak? Has your staircase become loose or wobbly? After years of use and foot traffic, it is not uncommon for steps to break, come loose, and need repair. Since damaged stairs can pose a serious safety concern, you’ll want to contact a staircase carpenter as soon as you notice something is a bit off. Don’t wait for an accident to happen. Let Better Homes & Gardens Home Services help you hire a local contractor to determine what has gone wrong with your stairs and find the best course of action to fix that broken or squeaky step.

Staircase Railing Repair

If your staircase railing has become cracked, wobbly, or loose to the touch, it’s time to get in contact with a staircase repairman. Staircase railing repairs can be tricky if you have a unique or ornate railing. To restore the safety of your staircase, and ensure that any repairs appear seamless with the rest of the handrail, we recommend working with a contractor. Simply fill out the Better Homes & Gardens Home Services form and find a local contractor to handle your staircase railing repairs.

Stairway Replacement to Update Your Home

Replacing your stairs is a great way to transform your home’s architectural look and feel. After you determine what design and layout will be best for your new steps, you’ll want to consult a stairway carpenter. Carpenters can help determine the best course of action when it comes to staircase remodels and see if your existing stairs need to be completely removed or if you can work with the current structure. With Better Homes & Gardens Home Services you’ll get connected with a local staircase carpenter who can discuss what stairway replacement options will work best in your space.

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