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Better Homes & Gardens Home Services: Sheds

Have you run out of outdoor storage space? Are garden tools taking over your landscaping? Let a shed add valuable organization to your backyard. Whether you are looking to build a large custom shed or update an existing garden shed, we can connect you with local contractors who can help.

Sheds are a great way to maximize outdoor storage space. But did you know that many areas require a building permit to put up a new shed? Or, have you thought about the benefits of running plumbing and electricity to your shed? From determining what type, size, and style of shed is right for your yard to handling shed building and installation logistics, there is a lot involved with shed projects. With so many considerations involved with sheds, it’s best to get in touch with a contractor in your area. Complete the Better Homes & Gardens Home Services form and receive up to four free quotes from local contractors who can construct a shed for you.

Shed Building and Installation

From hiding lawn mowers and bikes to providing an outdoor workspace, sheds can be a great addition to your yard. Whether you don’t have a garage, have run out of room in your garage, or simply need more storage, sheds can be designed to meet your exact needs. When evaluating what type of shed will work best in your yard, you’ll want to consider how shed sizes, styles, and locations will work with your home’s exterior and landscaping. If you want to add plumbing or electricity so your shed can have a sink and lighting, don’t forget to consider the location of plumbing and electrical lines. With the need for building permits, carpentry skills, and potentially plumbing and electrical knowledge, we recommend having a local shed builder handle shed building and installation. Have your heart set on a pre-built storage shed? Contractors can also handle pre-built shed installation so you can get back to your gardening!

Metal Sheds Are Cost Effective

If you are looking to add a shed, but hoping to stick to a tight budget, a metal shed could be the perfect fit. Typically made from aluminum or galvanized steel, metal sheds are great at protecting against rot, decay, and insect issues that can arise with other shed materials. Ask a local contractor if a metal shed will work well for your machine shed, tool shed, or garden shed. Find a professional to install your metal shed with Better Homes & Gardens Home Services.

Wood Sheds Are Popular

With its attractive appearance and easily customizable nature, it’s no surprise that wood is a common material choice for sheds. Wood is also conducive for adding custom storage options like shelving and cabinets. In addition to storage, wooden sheds are great for adding design features including windows, trim, and moldings. With Better Homes & Gardens Home Services, you’ll find a carpenter in your area who can design, build, and install your dream shed. Don’t forget to ask your carpenter about wood shed sealing and maintenance options that can lower the risk of rotting and insect infestations.

Vinyl Sheds Are Durable

Worried about how your outdoor shed will withstand the elements? Consider a vinyl shed! Vinyl sheds provide a durable and low-maintenance option for your yard. With its resistance to rot and rust while also holding up well throughout the snowy winter season, vinyl is a great building material for sheds. Let Better Homes & Gardens Home Services connect you with a local shed contractor so you can ask a professional about your vinyl shed options.

Shed Repairs to Extend Its Lifetime

With their exposure to outdoor elements and extreme weather conditions, your shed may need repairs from time to time. From insect infestations and rotting to decay and wind damage, sheds take their fair amount of wear and tear. A local shed contractor can inspect your shed for damage and make any necessary repairs. When repairing your shed, don’t forget to ask your contractor about adding new storage options that can increase the usability of your storage shed. Get connected with a shed contractor near you who can ensure repairs are done right when you submit the Better Homes & Gardens Home Services form.

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