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Home Services: Restoration

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Better Homes & Gardens Home Services: Restoration

If your home has sustained damage due to natural disasters — flooding, tornadoes, wind or rain, fire or smoke, snow or ice — it can feel overwhelming to even begin the recovery process. Whether your home has a broken window from tree damage due to high winds or your basement flooded and now has water damage, we can help you find the professionals for the job to make your home look new again.

While there are many professional clean-up services available, it can be tricky to find the right one that’s in your budget. With Better Homes and Gardens Home Services, complete the form and you’ll receive up to four free quotes from restoration contractors in your area.

Natural Restoration

If your home has experienced significant damage, particularly after a storm, fire, or flood, it may be best hire a general contractor who has the experience to sub out specialty tasks such as electrical and plumbing repairs. Remember to start the recovery process only after your home has been declared safe. Natural disasters can be devastating and cause a lot of stress. Let Better Homes and Gardens Home Services alleviate the burden by connecting you with general contractors in your area so you can begin the recovery process.

Storm and Wind Damage Repair

Strong storms can cause exterior damage to your home. If your home is missing a few shingles or pieces of siding or has broken windows from falling trees, a general contractor can help determine if a repair or a replacement is in order. Some damage may require a quick fix (like replacing a window pane), while others may require a total replacement (like if your roof shingles are mostly peeling and close the 20-year replacement mark). A local contractor can assist with any exterior home repairs caused by storm or wind damage. When you submit the Better Homes and Gardens Home Services form and receive quotes from restoration contractors, remember to ask the professional if material removal costs are included in the bid.

Fire Restoration and Smoke Damage Repair

Fire and smoke damage can be heartbreaking. In most cases professional cleaning and restoration are necessary to bring the home back to its original condition. Due to the nature of the damage, professionals who specialize in fire and smoke damage have the expertise, insurance, and certifications to safely restore your home. You don’t have to tackle fire damage cleanup alone. Better Homes and Gardens Home Services will help you find fire restoration contractors in your area who can help repair the fire and smoke damage.

Flood Damage Cleanup

Whether a pipe burst in the basement or a flash flood caused significant water damage, any homeowner who has been affected by water damage knows the devastating results. The key to recovering after water damage is to react quickly to avoid mold and mildew, which can start growing within 24 hours. A water removal company can quickly extract the water from your home and the right professionals can repair a pipe quickly and assess water damage. Note: Never step in standing water due to the potential risk of electrocution. Flooded basement repairs require professionals to clean up your home safely and thoroughly. Allow Better Homes and Gardens Home Services help you find water damage contractors near you.

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