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Home Services: Plumbing

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Better Homes & Gardens Home Services: Plumbing

Will a home remodel require that you install new plumbing or that you rework existing plumbing? Has your water heater stopped functioning properly? A licensed plumber can help make sure that all your plumbing needs are handled in a safe and efficient manner.

Trying to complete plumbing work on your own can turn into a costly situation and put your home at risk for extensive water damage should something go wrong. Don’t get stuck dealing with the consequences of poor plumbing. From large projects like running new plumbing to a home addition to smaller projects like drain clearing, Better Homes & Gardens Home Services connects you with local plumbers who can get the job done correctly.

Plumbing Installation: What You Should Know

From installing a second sink in your master bathroom to adding an outdoor hose hookup or running plumbing for a home addition, many home projects require the installation of new plumbing. Installing plumbing is not a simple project by any means. When plumbing installation and repairs are done incorrectly, they can lead to serious water leaks and surrounding damage along with violations of local plumbing codes. A plumber can make sure your pipes are installed correctly and up to code. Connect with a plumber in your area who can handle your plumbing installation needs.

Hire a Plumber for Plumbing Repairs

If your plumbing is not working properly, it’s time to find a plumber. No matter if your pipes are leaking, toilets won’t stop running, or corroded pipes are causing low water pressure, it’s always a smart decision to talk to a plumber as soon as you notice a plumbing issue. This way you can work to prevent the issue from escalating into a large plumbing problem that creates serious damage throughout your home. Plumbers can determine whether a small repair will fix your problems, or if the issue requires a larger project like replacing pipes. Find a local plumber who can diagnose your plumbing problems and determine the best repair route.

Dealing with Water Heater Issues

Water that does not heat to the proper temperature or as fast as normal could signal that your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced. Water heater repairs and replacements often require plumbing, gas, and electric knowledge. Whether you have a tankless water heater, a gas water heater, or an electric water heater, water heater repairs and replacements are not issues that you want to tackle on your own. Let a professional handle your water heater concerns – find a plumber near you.

Septic System and Sewer Issues Are a Serious Problem

Septic and sewer issues can create a big mess. Septic system leaks or malfunctions can contaminate both your water and your yard – yuck! If you notice an issue with your septic tank or sewer system, you’ll want to contact a plumber right away. Plumbers can work to diagnose and repair septic and sewer problems to prevent further damage and keep your family and home safe. Don’t put off or ignore septic and sewer issues – find a local plumber who can handle all your dirty septic and sewer problems.

Clearing Clogged Drains

Is your bathtub, shower, sink, or toilet draining slower than normal or completely backed up? Drain clearing is one of the most common plumbing problems. With the amount of food that goes down kitchen drains and the hair that collects in bathroom drains, it is no wonder that clogged drains are a common issue. We recommend considering drain clearing services from a local plumber. By submitting the Better Homes & Gardens Home Services form, you can find and hire a plumber in your area.

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