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Home Services: Heating / Cooling

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Better Homes & Gardens Home Services: Heating / Cooling

Nothing’s worse than having your furnace go out in the middle of winter or your air conditioner break down on the hottest day of the year. A heating or cooling emergency can happen at any time, so it’s always good to be prepared by knowing the heating and cooling contractors in your area who can help. Local HVAC technicians can install, repair, or maintain your systems and take the hassle out of heating and cooling.

Don’t waste your time trying to figure out your heating or cooling problems alone. We are here to help you find a contractor who can fix your furnace or air conditioner. Better Homes & Gardens Home Services helps you receive free quotes from HVAC specialists in your area.

Furnace Repair and Emergency Services

It never fails that your furnace will decide to break down during the deep chill of winter. When your heater needs an emergency repair, don’t waste time sitting in the cold and searching for help on Google. Better Homes & Gardens Home Services helps you find free quotes from local HVAC companies who can fix your furnace. Simply fill out the form and receive up to four free estimates from heating and cooling contractors near you.

While it is impossible to predict when your furnace will need an emergency repair, there are things you can do to maintain your unit and minimize untimely breakdowns, such as scheduling regular furnace tune-ups with a professional HVAC technician. And did you know that a dirty filter causes a majority of furnace issues? For this reason, we also recommend changing your furnace filter regularly to avoid unexpected heater repairs and costly problems.

Hire an HVAC Professional for Air Conditioner Repair

During the summer months of heat and humidity, the last thing you want to deal with is a broken air conditioner. If your AC system isn’t working properly, it’s time to call a local HVAC professional for air conditioner repairs. Better Homes & Gardens Home Services can connect you with air conditioning companies in your area. Rather than wasting time in the sweltering heat, let the professionals fix your air conditioner and make your home feel like a breath of fresh, cool air.

Like your furnace, there are steps you can take with your air conditioner to avoid emergency repairs. The most important thing you can do maintain your unit is replace the air filter regularly. Depending on your air filter type and your environment, filters should be changed every 30 to 90 days. While air conditioner repairs can’t be avoided completely, you and your unit will be much happier with a little routine maintenance.

HVAC Installation: What to Consider

Is it time for a new furnace or air conditioner? A heating and cooling professional can not only help determine if a new unit is necessary, but they can also assist in picking the correct product and making sure the furnace or air conditioner is installed properly. To get the most out of your new HVAC system, don’t forget to ask your technician about geothermal and ENERGY STAR® options. These purchases can increase your heating and cooling efficiency and decrease your utility bills.

Have you reached a point with your furnace or air conditioner that you don’t know whether to repair or replace it? Depending on the age of your unit and how much the repairs would cost, it may be more beneficial to install a new HVAC system, particularly if you are replacing an older unit with a modern, energy-efficient unit. A local heating and cooling professional can give you advice on when it would be better to replace or simply repair your furnace or air conditioner. With Better Homes & Gardens Home Services, you’ll get connected with local HVAC contractors who can answer all your installation questions.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Routine HVAC maintenance is required to make sure your heating and cooling systems are operating properly. By regularly scheduling air conditioner tune-ups and furnace tune-ups you can prevent surprise repairs from arising. A local heating and cooling technician can help determine when and what maintenance is required to help extend the life of your HVAC systems. Receive up to four free quotes from local HVAC contractors by filling out the Better Homes & Gardens Home Services form.

Better Homes & Gardens Tip: Schedule routine maintenance service the season before your unit will be working the hardest. It’s best to request an AC tune-up in the spring before the heat of summer kicks in. That way, if the HVAC technician identifies any problems, your air conditioner can get fixed before the hottest day of the year. Likewise, schedule a furnace tune-up in the fall so your heater is ready to go for winter. Spring and fall are typically a little slower for heating and cooling contractors, so it’s better to request routine maintenance when they have plenty of time in their schedule.

Have HVAC Questions? Let the Technicians Answer Them

What type of filter does your furnace need? How often should you change your furnace filter? When should you have heating and cooling maintenance done? How long will your new air conditioner or furnace last before it needs replaced? Don’t worry about trying to answer these questions yourself or spending hours on the Internet trying to find the right answers. HVAC technicians can answer heating and cooling questions specific to your home and to your units. Professional heating and cooling contractors can even make air quality recommendations based on your unique living situation, like whether anyone in your family suffers from allergies, if you have pets, or if you live in a heavy-construction zone. Better Homes & Gardens Homes Services connects you with local HVAC professionals who can offer helpful suggestions and answer all of your heating and cooling questions.

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