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Better Homes & Gardens Home Services: Fencing

Fences help define property lines, add an additional level to your home’s security, and depending on the panel type, can significantly boost your home’s curb appeal. Whether you need to replace or repair an existing fence or install a new fence, Better Homes & Gardens Home Services can help you find a professional that will make selecting and installing a fence a seamless process. Simply complete the form and receive up to four free quotes from local fence contractors.

Building a Fence

Before you get started, it’s important to know your local neighborhood rules regarding fences. Suburban homeowners may need to reference the homeowners association (HOA) which may dictate the material, color, and height of fence. If you’re replacing a fence, make sure your bid includes any removal and disposal costs.

Also consider timing in regards to ordering materials as well as installing the fence. As with all exterior home improvement projects, the weather will play a significant part in your timeline, so make sure to allow time for the ground to be prepared. The ground needs to be warm enough to dig and pour the footers and the dryness level of the soil should be dry enough to accept the footers — rain may delay this process.

As with all projects that require digging in the ground, make sure to call your local utility company before you dig. When you find a professional through Better Homes & Gardens Home Services, double check to make sure the fencing contractor will take care of calling the utility company for you.

Different Types of Fences

The material you select for your fence will dictate the cost, lifespan, and maintenance to expect in the near and far future. Again, reference your HOA guidelines as they may determine the material you should select. Below are the most common fence materials:

Wood fences are the most common and classic type of fence. They are available in nearly every fence style and can be stained or painted nearly any color. A white picket fence creates a picturesque frame for a classic home. Keep in mind wood fences require more maintenance than most fence materials and should be checked twice a year to avoid dry rot and identify boards that may have warped.

Chain link fences are affordable and install quickly. Ideal for large yards or even pet safety, chain link fences offer security at a low price point. Choose from the classic galvanized steel or opt for the black-powder or vinyl coat options for a higher-end look. The black-powder coat and vinyl coats also give an extra level of protection that prevent rust and corrosion.

Aluminum or steel fences are versatile and affordable. The materials are durable and require little maintenance (aluminum resists rust). Aluminum or steel fences work well on sloped landscapes because most come in panels and can be installed on an angle, much like a railing, to avoid large gaps and awkward transitions.

Electric pet fences provide security and peace of mind for your pets without acting as a physical barrier. Whether you opt for an in-ground or wireless fence, an electric pet fence can help keep your furry friends out of the garden or pool and in the safety of your yard.

Vinyl or PVC fences are durable, maintenance free, and stand up to fading. Available in a rainbow of colors, vinyl fences can be customized to fit your needs. Whether installing for privacy (typical privacy fence height is 4- to 6-feet high) or to create aesthetic boundaries, the vinyl premeasured panels will fit your needs. Maintenance is minimal since the material maintains its color; simply wash with soap and water to keep it looking new.

Wrought iron fences are the creme de la creme of fences and offer the style and elegance of a custom aesthetic. They also make for great driveway gates. Manufacturing and installing wrought iron fences takes a special level of expertise, so this is not a project you want to DIY. Wrought iron is sturdy, but it is susceptible to rust from rain and humidity. If you live in a high-moisture area, make sure to have your fence checked and cleaned twice a year.

Due to the expertise involved with installing different types of fences correctly, it is best to hire a professional to do the work for you. Allow Better Homes & Gardens Home Services to connect you with fence builders and contractors in your area.

Selecting the Right Fence Style

Fences come in a variety of styles, colors, and heights to complement the uniqueness of every home. Whether your fence is for privacy or curb appeal, most fence styles allow you the option of selecting both a top style — like square, dog eared, pointed, framed, or lattice — as well as a top shape — flat, scalloped, or arched. A local fence contractor can help guide your decision process and explain which fence styles would be right for your home and lifestyle.

Fence Repair and Maintenance

If you have a fence, but it needs maintenance due to damaged boards in a wood fence or loose wires in a woven-wire fence, a professional can help assess and determine the best repair solution for your needs. Make sure to inspect your fence twice a year to look for potential issues and seek a professional’s expertise for any ongoing fence maintenance or repair issues. If you have a broken fence, you’ll want to get it fixed correctly right away. Find a company near you that properly repairs fences by completing the Better Homes & Gardens Home Services form.

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