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Better Homes & Gardens Home Services: Ceilings

While ceilings are an element that can be easy to overlook, they can also create the ultimate wow factor in your home. Whether you want to maximize a home renovation by removing popcorn ceilings and installing vaulted ceilings, or if it’s time to repair a damaged ceiling, it’s a good idea to consult a ceiling contractor.

Don’t risk your safety and the structural integrity of your home trying to handle ceiling repairs or installation on your own. Let Better Homes & Gardens Home Services connect you with ceiling contractors in your area.

Ceiling Repair for Cracks and Water Damage

Have you noticed cracks, chips, or signs of water damage on your ceilings? While chipping paint and small cracks may seem like a quick fix, they could also signal that there is a larger issue with your ceilings. Leaking pipes or rain can cause everything from minor problems like stains to serious problems like sagging and buckling. Another potentially serious problem that you don’t want to ignore is cracks as they could be the result of serious structural damage. These issues become even more complicated if you have a textured ceiling that needs repaired. No matter the case, we recommend leaving ceiling crack repairs and ceiling leak repairs to a ceiling contractor who can diagnose, treat, and fix the problem to prevent further damage. Complete the Better Homes & Gardens Home Services form and receive up to four free quotes from ceiling contractors near you.

Installing New Ceilings

Not only do ceilings serve as an important structural element, but when installed properly they can also serve as a unique design element that opens your space. Ceilings can be designed in a range of styles to meet your function and budget needs. Drywall ceilings, drop ceilings, vaulted ceilings, coffered ceilings, and beam ceilings are a few of the choices that you will be able to pick from when installing new ceilings. But ceiling installations are a big project that can require ceiling removal before you can even get started. From obtaining the right materials and tools to installing ceiling insulation, installing a ceiling is a labor-intensive task. Find a ceiling contractor in your area who can make sure your ceilings are installed and insulated properly.

Drop Ceilings: What You Need to Know

Common in older homes and basements, drop ceilings have removable tiles that are perfect for hiding pipes, wires, and air ducts. While drop ceilings may not be as design friendly as some other ceiling options, they are cost effective and a great option if you are on a tight budget. One item to note is that over time, drop ceilings will likely require maintenance. A ceiling contractor can take care of drop ceiling installation, drop ceiling tile maintenance, and any repair needs that arise. With Better Homes & Gardens Home Services, you can find a local ceiling contractor who can install or repair drop ceilings in your home.

Popcorn Ceilings Could Pose a Threat

While popcorn ceilings were once an often-requested ceiling choice, their design has fallen out of popularity and has been shown to present dangerous health concerns. Older popcorn ceilings often contain asbestos — an element that could be impacting the air quality in your home and the health of your family. A professional ceiling contractor can test your popcorn ceilings to see if they contain asbestos. If your ceilings do have asbestos, you’ll want to have a professional who is trained in popcorn ceiling scraping handle the removal to ensure safety. After the popcorn texture has been scraped off we recommend having your ceiling contractor refinish or retexturize your ceilings to complete the look. End your contractor search and allow Better Homes & Gardens Home Services to connect you with a ceiling professional today.

Ceiling Fans Complete the Look

If you are looking for a finishing touch to cap off your ceiling repairs or renovations, look no further than a ceiling fan. Installing a ceiling fan adds a comfortable and inviting touch while having the added benefit of circulating fresh air and helping control room temperature. When you are looking for the best ceiling fan you want to consider how the fan’s size, color, and design will work with your ceiling height and room size. Since ceiling fan installations deal with both electrical wires and the ceiling’s structure, we recommend having a local contractor handle your ceiling fan project. Does your ceiling fan need to be fixed? Your ceiling contractor can help with ceiling fan repairs and replacements as well as installation. Find a local ceiling contractor when you submit the Better Homes & Gardens Home Services form.

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