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Better Homes & Gardens Home Services: Cabinets

Cabinets play an important role in how your home looks, works, and feels. From the kitchen and bathroom to the office and garage, no matter the style of your home, the cabinets will take center stage. Whether you prefer white cabinets, rustic wood cabinets, or painted cabinets, a contractor can help meet your cabinet design and functionality needs.

Are you looking to install custom cabinets in your kitchen? No problem! Is it time to let cabinet repairs freshen the look and feel of your bathroom? That’s easy! With Better Homes & Gardens Home Services, simply complete the form to receive up to four free quotes from local cabinetry contractors who can install or repair cabinets in your home.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Make the Most of Your Space

Custom cabinets are the perfect way to seamlessly meet the design needs of your home with the functionality needs of your family. No matter if you have an oddly shaped kitchen, a specific design request, or a unique organization need, custom cabinets can meet your exact specifications. From selecting the materials and finishes to developing storage solutions specific to your kitchen and your lifestyle, custom cabinets add value to your home and life. If you are going to invest in custom kitchen cabinets, let Better Homes & Gardens Home Services connect you with local contractors who can help bring your kitchen cabinet ideas to life.

Leave Cabinet Installation to a Contractor

From stock cabinets to custom cabinets, installing cabinets is no easy task. Poor cabinet installation can result in cabinets that are not squared or, even worse, cabinets that come loose from the wall. Don’t let your dream kitchen come tumbling down; allow a contractor to hang your kitchen cabinets. Contractors can make sure that your cabinets are installed correctly the first time. You’ll want to have a cabinet contractor on board from the beginning since even small measurement mistakes can result in cabinets that do not fit properly or work around your appliances — leading to costly expenses and delays. Make sure you are getting the most out of your investment by having cabinet installation handled by a contractor in your area.

Cabinet Repairs Can Make Your Cupboards Look New

Are your cabinets showing wear and tear? Cabinet repairs can take care of everything from those unflattering scrapes and scratches on cabinet doors to cabinet hinges or units that have become dangerously loose. While repairs can make cupboards look like new, you want to be careful because bad repairs may leave your cabinets in a worse condition than when you started. If your cabinets need repair, you’ll want to hire a cabinet contractor who can make sure the repairs blend in and that they will hold up over time. Find a local cabinetry contractor to determine your best cabinet repair options.

Reface Cabinets to Give Your Home a Facelift

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could achieve the look and feel of new cabinets without the expense? By having your cabinets refaced, you can do just that! Replacing the front of cabinet doors and drawers rather than the entire cabinet unit is a cost-effective way to achieve a completely new look. We recommend leaving cabinet refacing projects to a cabinet contractor who can make sure that the new cabinet pieces will work well with your existing cabinets. With Better Homes & Gardens Home Services, you can find a local cabinet contractor to ask about refacing your cabinets.

Refinishing Cabinets: A Budget-Friendly Change

Have your cabinets suffered damage over time? Has the surface of your cabinets become worn, dull, or scratched? Bring the cabinets in your home back to their original glory with cabinet refinishing. Through sanding, removing the old cabinet paint or stain, and adding a new paint or stain, refinishing is a great way to bring your cabinets back to life. Cabinet restoration is a perfect option if you are on a budget as you will keep all your existing cabinet materials — you only have to pay for labor and your new paint, stain, or varnish. So, if you like the cabinets you currently have and they just need a facelift, refinishing is for you! Ask a local contractor if refinishing is a good fit for your cabinets. Better Homes & Gardens tip: don’t forget about the cabinet hardware! New knobs, handles, and pulls are a quick way to give your refinished cabinets the ultimate upgrade.

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