Carpet Replacement Ready: When To Change Out Old Carpet

Stained, smelly, or scratchy? If these words sound familiar, it is probably time to clear out the old carpet and make room for new, cozy carpet.

With its cozy comfort and inviting warmth, it's easy to see why our carpets are so heavily used. From  room-to-room walks that result in spilled snacks to common paths that are taken again and again, this well-loved surface begins to show its age and can leave your home looking less than impressive over time. If this is the case for your favorite flooring, it may be time to evaluate your current carpet situation and decide if replacement carpet is the upgrade your home needs.

Startling Stains

A small stain here and there is typical for well-used carpets. If your carpet is starting to look like a collage of suspicious splotches and distressing dots though, it's probably best to prepare for carpet replacement. Carpet cleaning can help, but if the stains reappear it may be a losing battle.

Not only do stains damper the look of your flooring, they can also cause further damage if allowed to seep into the lower levels of the carpet. Stains that get to this level are almost impossible to remove, and they can even end up making your carpet smell or trigger mold and mildew growth.

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Worn Out Carpet

Like your favorite pair of jeans that gets thin in the knees, carpets also show signs of wear and tear that indicate replacement is needed. Remember, carpet typically lasts for only 10 years before it begins to look used and ready for replacement.

One of the first things you'll notice about an overused carpet is fraying and matting of the carpet fibers. Over time, the carpet fibers lose their ability to retain form and stand back up after use, causing your carpet to look matted and feel scratchy. Another key sign is discoloration of frequented areas. You may notice that the carpet looks dirty even after constant cleaning or the color looks duller than other areas. If this is the case for your carpet, you may want to let the well-loved flooring go.

Carpet Padding Consideration

Carpet padding is the hidden hero underneath your carpet that makes it comfortable and plush for you and your family to enjoy. Without it, your carpet is just a large piece of fabric. But because the carpet padding goes unseen, it also goes unclean. Carpet cleaning does little to reach the deep-down stains that inevitably seep into the padding of your carpet. While these stains aren't an issue cosmetically, they could be harming your family's health by harboring mold and mildew.

Deep stains aren't the only issues your carpet padding may face. Over time the padding material breaks down, giving you the signal that your current carpet is ready for retirement. If your carpeted floors feel harder, look uneven, or crinkle when you walk across them, it may be best to replace your carpet.

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Disaster Damaged Carpet

While we hope it never happens, flood and fire are two disasters that homeowners sometimes have to face. Unfortunately, these disasters can also create a need for new carpet. Carpet that has been saturated with large amounts of water will never completely dry, which creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew that can make your family sick. If your carpet takes longer than 12 hours to dry or was flooded with unclean water, it's better to resort to carpet replacement rather than carpet cleaning.  

Fire damage and burns that your carpet may face are also nearly impossible to fix. The only repair for this damage is to remove the burned section and replace it with a new piece, but this is often a costly repair. In fact, many homeowners find replacing the entire carpet is more cost-effective than repairing and replacing only the burned section.

Lackluster Looks

If the carpet isn't doing a room's design any favors, carpet replacement may be the way to go. Your carpet should complement your interior design, not bring it down. Carpet with bright colors and bold designs are typically hard to tie into a room, so don't blame yourself if you can't make it work. Instead, call your local carpet installer to pick wow-worthy carpet that will boost any room's appeal.   

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Dare to Carpet Repair

Not all carpet issues have to send you running for carpet replacement; some have simple solutions. If a single stain is your stressor, a professional carpet cleaner may be able to provide you with relief. They often have the solution to stains that are plaguing your carpet or can help you decide if replacement is the better option. While you might be tempted to tackle stains yourself, know that some store-bought removers can actually make the stain harder to remove, so it's best to leave the removal to the carpet cleaning pros.

Discoloration dragging you down or bleach spots driving you crazy? There's a service for that! Most carpet cleaning services provide discoloration and bleach spot treatments that can help restore your carpet to its former glory. Ask your carpet cleaner about re-dyeing services at your next carpet cleaning to make this problem a distant memory.

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Carpet

Carpets will never last forever, but routine maintenance can help you get the most out of your carpet before it needs a replacement. A simple way to maintain your carpet is vacuuming. High-traffic areas should be vacuumed twice a week and less-used areas once a week.

Another important part of maintenance is routine professional carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaners have the right equipment that can get your carpet looking like new again. This deep-down clean should be done at least once per year, or more if you have pets or your carpet sees extra-heavy use. A carpet cleaning service can also spray your carpet with protectant to fight against stains and wear.

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