Everything You Need to Know About Tree Trimming

Let a tree service give your trees the trimming they deserve.

Trees are the essential accents that every yard needs. They provide shade like no other plant and add height and beauty to your landscape. However, even though trees do a lot for our yards, they are often overlooked when it comes to care and maintenance. Trees need a little TLC from time to time -- just like any other element of your landscape. One of the best ways to care for your trees is tree trimming, because it helps with structural integrity and encourages growth. From birch to maple to ash, a tree care service can help maintain your trees to keep them going and growing for years to come.

The Importance of Proper Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is great way to care for your trees, but it needs to be done correctly. Trimming might seem fairly simple, but beware; incorrect trimming could be fatal to your trees. For example, unless a damaged branch needs immediate trimming, trees should only be trimmed in their dormant stage. Trimming during an active growing stage can cause the tree overwhelming stress and deplete its energy supply, resulting in an early death for your tree.

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The Dangers of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming may seem like a quick and easy job, but it can actually be very dangerous. Between the risk of falling from the tree and being struck by broken branches, tree trimming can lead to significant personal injuries and costly damages to your home if done incorrectly. We recommend avoiding the risk by hiring a tree-trimming service. Professionals can help complete the job in the safest manner possible -- keeping you and your home safe from tree-trimming hazards.

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When to Cut Your Losses

Whether your tree is diseased, dying, or just plain in the way, the pros can help determine when trimming isn't enough. You may be hesitant to have trees removed from your yard, but sometimes it is for the best. Diseased trees that have not responded to treatment put other trees at risk of infection, and old or dying trees pose a safety risk -- especially during storm season.

While you may be tempted to try tree removal on your own, it's best to let a tree-removal service take on this job. Tall trees need to be removed in pieces and have to be cut correctly to make sure the tree falls in the right direction to avoid hitting any structures. But beware: One wrong cut could send the tree right onto your (or your neighbor's) roof!

Handling Tree Disease

If tree removal is necessary because of tree disease, it's important to let a tree service handle the job. During removal, it is possible for tree diseases to spread, putting other nearby trees in danger. A tree service can help properly remove and dispose of infected trees while keeping the disease contained. As an added bonus, tree services can also determine if your tree can be saved with treatment or removal of the infected section.

Don't Get Stumped on Stump Removal

After tree removal, you may be left with a lingering tree stump. While stumps can be left to decompose on their own, they may be in the way of future landscaping plans or become an eyesore in your yard. Tree stumps are also appealing hideouts for wood-borne pests, like termites, that may eventually find their way to your home. Stump removal may be a good investment to avoid future issues.

The most popular way to remove stumps is grinding. During grinding, a commercial grinder is used to pulverize the stump into sawdust. The grinder takes care of the roots as well, completely clearing the area. Because a grinder of this size can cause significant injury, we don't recommend handling this project on your own.

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