Updates for Dated Doors

Even if the rest of your house is a modern paradise, the wrong doors could keep your home stuck in decades past.

Are bad doors holding your design back from reaching its full potential? Old doors are a dead giveaway of your home's age. If your cabinet doors, interior doors, or exterior doors have seen better days, it's time to start thinking about an upgrade!  

Don't Let Doors Date Your Home

While doors are not always top-of-mind when it comes to updating your home, they are an important design consideration. From the garage to the kitchen, doors play a role in the style and functionality of every room in your house. So when your doors are looking drab and dated, the rest of your home can appear a bit lackluster.

Don't let old doors get you down. From installing new doors to painting existing doors, your doors (and home) can be refreshed and up-to-date in no time.

Install New Doors for a New Look

A simple way to modernize your home is to install new doors. When installing new doors, many homeowners choose to replace several doors at once to achieve a consistent look and feel. Door installation becomes a bit more complicated if any changes have to be made to the door frame. Not only will you most likely want the help of a general contractor for installation and framing, but with professional, efficient help your entire house can have a fresh update in just a few days.

Bonus: New doors upgrade the look of your home, and they can also increase your insulation. In fact, updating drafty exterior doors to newer models and improving insulation along the way could even help you save on heating and cooling costs over time.

Find a Door Contractor

Trending Door Upgrades

When selecting new doors, there are plenty of choices to consider. With options including pocket doors, paneled doors, and sliding patio doors, choosing new doors can be an overwhelming process. A general contractor can help determine what door styles will work well with your existing space and budget. Here are a couple of the top trends to keep in mind when choosing new doors for your home.

Glass Doors Are Elegant and Modern

It's all about the open concept these days, and glass doors achieve just that. French doors can make your space feel open and airy while sliding glass patio doors are a classic way to bring the outdoors in. Installing glass doors adds an elegant quality to your home.  But remember, to keep fingerprints and smudge marks at bay, glass doors will need a little more TLC when it comes to cleaning than other door options.

Barn Doors Are Country Chic

Rustic country chic is in! We can't get enough of country doors, and farmhouse doors have us swooning. This fun trend is a great style choice for homeowners who are looking to update their doors. Barn doors can make the ultimate statement throughout your home. For added appeal and function, consider installing a sliding barn door to complete the country-fab look.

Bring Cabinet Doors Back to Life

When updating interior doors, don't forget about those cabinet doors. From the kitchen to the bathroom, outdated cabinet doors can put a serious damper on your design. With options including refacing, resurfacing, painting, and adding new hardware, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your space without going through the process of installing brand-new cabinets. A nearby contractor can evaluate your cabinet doors to see if they are a good candidate for refacing, resurfacing, and painting, or if all-new doors would be your best option.

While you're replacing the cabinet doors in your bathroom, it's a good idea to also take a look at your shower door. If the shower doors have seen better days, you'll want to consider an upgrade here as well.

New Exterior Doors Add Curb Appeal

Exterior doors and curb appeal go hand in hand. But it's not just the front door that makes a difference here. With their size and prominence, garage doors can either be an eye-catcher or an eyesore, so remember to think big-picture as you're evaluating all the doors for your home.

Friendly Front Doors

The last thing visitors to your home want to be greeted by is an antiquated front door. Your front door should cue guests into the look and feel of your home, not turn them off with an outdated design. From traditional paneled entry doors to farmhouse front doors and cottage-style front doors, you're sure to find an upgrade that will be the warm and inviting first impression you've been looking for.

Great Garage Doors

When it comes to curb appeal, you don't want to make the mistake of overlooking garage doors. Nothing is worse than an outdated garage door that detracts from the overall beauty of your home Keep your curb appeal up-to-date and consistent with a new garage door! As you select a garage door, you'll want to carefully consider how the color and material will look with the rest of your home's exterior.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Update Your Existing Doors

Looking for a quick way to bring old doors back to life? From the front door to the cabinet doors, new paint and hardware can be a game changer! If your doors are still in good shape but could use a refresh, a local handyman can help you reinvigorate them. On a tight budget? Updating existing doors is a big cost saver when compared with purchasing and installing new doors.

Spice Up Drab Doors With Paint

There is no better way to quickly transform your doors than with a fresh coat of paint. Get your home on-trend by painting your cabinet doors white. Add a pop of color to your exterior with a vibrant paint color for your entry door. Painting your existing doors is a cost-effective way to revive your home's design, but remember to prep properly. Current doors should be inspected for any necessary repairs and possibly sanded prior to painting. Don't be afraid to enlist the help of a professional to repair your doors.

Painting exterior doors? Don't forget to choose a paint that will wear well with outdoor weather conditions.

Don't Forget Door Hardware  

While door handles take up minimal space, they can pack a big punch in the design department. For interior doors and cabinets, you'll want to carefully consider if flat or round door handles will look and work best. Glass door knobs elevate a room's elegance while satin nickel levers are sleek and functional. Exterior doors will require door hardware that offers sufficient security. Locks and deadbolts can still exude designer-worthy style, so never feel like you have to sacrifice fashion for function.

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