Ready for Your House to Feel New Again? Transform It With Paint

Breathe new life into (and outside) your home with a fresh coat of paint.

Enhancing your living space has never been easier. With the stroke of a paint brush, any room within your home can feel brand new. Revitalizing the space doesn't stop with just painting the walls. Consider painting cabinets, interior doors, and exterior doors for an instant boost in refreshing style.

Walls Require Painting Prep

Prepping for your painting project is just as important as the paint itself. Taking the necessary steps before painting your walls will save you a great deal of hassle and cleanup. From priming, to taping the area, to protecting your furniture, the key to a successful transformation process starts with a little bit of planning.

Find a Primer

Priming your walls is a simple way to help create a long-lasting layer of paint. When it comes time to determine your specific primer needs, you'll need to think about the wall's surface. For example, with wood surfaces, you'll want to go with a thicker oil or latex-based primer, while tile and other shiny materials may need a bonding primer to fully stick to the surface.

When painting with darker shades and tones, tinted primer is a great way to build a solid base for the paint as well as making sure your paint has full coverage. Not sure what primer is best for your walls? A local painting contractor can discuss primer options with you for the walls you want repainted.

Don't forget! Before you can move on to applying paint, you'll need to be sure that the primer is completely dry.

Gather the Supplies

Some of the basic supplies needed to paint walls include: a paint roller, a roller tray, a liner for your tray, a small bucket, and a stirrer for the paint. Depending on how big your painting project is, a big bucket is also good for storing gallons of paint and keeping your color consistent if you decide to mix it. You may also want to buy some sandpaper to even out bumps on the wall, or spackle if you're looking to fill any holes or grooves before you start painting. If figuring out all the supplies you need and purchasing them seem like too much hassle, we recommend working with a painting contractor who can help ensure the best results for your walls from start to finish.

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Add Style with Interior Door Painting

Painting doors is a simple way to boost the aesthetic of your home's interior. You can go neutral or add a bold splash of color, depending on how you want to style your home. For an effective paint job, these doors will likely need to be removed from their hinges, and their hardware will have to come off as well. After this, the door should be cleaned to remove any dirt or dust so the paint sticks to the door completely. If a professional painter is painting your home's interior anyway, you might as well ask them to spruce up the doors to tie your freshly painted space together.

Door Paint Trends

A plain whitewash on the door is a classic yet contemporary way to provide a clean finish to any interior room. It's a blank canvas that effortlessly pairs with any color bathroom, kitchen, or living room. Within the white shade, you can go with a warmer color like eggshell to cozy up the space. If you're looking to add more energy to the room, a bright yellow or deep blue may be a great option.

Increase Curb Appeal with Exterior Door Painting

Exterior doors work to accentuate your outside walls and your landscaping, and they can easily change the tone and character of your home. Painting your front door, garage door, or other exterior doors transforms your home's aesthetic, adding curb appeal and value. A painting contractor will know which exterior paint to use for your climate so your doors can withstand the elements.

Front and Entryway Doors

The front door of your home is your first impression for guests and neighbors. You can make a statement with a bright color, or even a design. A bright red color goes great with dark brick for a classic and historic feel to the home. If you're looking for a softer color, a pastel mint green door looks incredible with homes painted in other pastel colors, such as yellow or orange. Even a jet black color can do wonders to enhance the entryway. For increased appeal, add a gloss over the black door for a more elegant touch.

Garage Doors

Although a white paint color for the garage door is a classic go-to, don't feel like this is the only option for your home. Experimenting with different colors can completely transform your home's exterior. Dark brown and gray colors complement brick and stone homes best, as well as darker-toned house colors like a deep olive or a dark terracotta.

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Transform Your Space by Painting Cabinets

When it comes to revamping your kitchen or bathroom, you don't want to forget about the cabinets. Painting your cabinets can instantly beautify your space, even if the cabinets are the only things you remodel in the room! Before painting, you'll want to do a quick test of your color to make sure it pairs perfectly with your walls, countertops, appliances, and fixtures. By painting and priming the back of your cabinets, you can see if both the color and the consistency are the right choice. This is especially important if you're painting on wood cabinets as the color may come out differently depending on the wood finish.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets don't have to follow the suit of neutral-toned paint. Adding a pop of color to the cabinets can help accentuate your kitchen countertops and backsplash. To ensure a smooth and even finish throughout your kitchen cabinet space, we recommend having a painting contractor handle this project.

Bathroom Cabinets

Before painting your bathroom cabinets, you will want to consult a local painting contractor to determine what kind of paint is best. Since bathrooms are typically high in humidity, we recommend that you use a moisture- and mildew-resistant paint. You may also want to consider a paint sheen, or a semigloss latex paint, which is naturally moisture-resistant.

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